Since the launch of E541 in 1951, BMW E Codes have developed more than half a century. With the development from F Codes of BMW 7 series to G Codes of new BMW 7 series, BMW iDrive infotainment system update from the 1st Gen. of CCC, the 2nd Gen. of CIC to the 3rd Gen. of NBT and the latest "3.5 generation" NBT-EVO system. Now let’s introduce the most widely used and the strongest NBT head unit currently.

BMW NBT HU is the 3rd gen. of BMW iDrive entertainment system. NBT is the “Next Big Thing” acronym in English. At present, NBT HU include two main brands, Harman and Alpine. Let’s have a look about the definition of every connector. (Picture from the network, the copyright belongs to the original author)

Now the NBT-EVO system, as the updated version of NBT, has been prevalent all over the world. There are some advantages of EVO compared with NBT.

  • The hard disk expands from 200G to 500G.
  • Updated operating system and faster response speed.
  • The high-end EVO supports gesture.
  • More perfect performance of CPU and Video card.

This is the connector of NBT-EVO head unit.

Compare EVO HU with NBT HU, EVO is shorter than NBT and connectors of EVO HU are less than NBT HU because the density of integration has been improved. 

Although BMW's original system is powerful enough, most of the users still feel not satisfy. It doesn't matter. We have more exciting BMW full series multimedia system upgrade product: BMW video interface. It suits for both NBT/CIC and NBT-EVO in development. It keeps all the original car style, and original car system while increasing more functions, which help you easier to enjoy the pleasure of driving.


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