Haman delivers a new generation of infotainment systems, automotive network security and OTA solutions to Great Wall Automotive

Shanghai International Auto Show, 16 April 2019

Haman International today announced an in-depth partnership with Great Wall Motor to acquire the Great Wall Motor's next-generation intelligent cockpit project, while delivering a new generation of infotainment systems, automotive network safety and OTA solutions to Great Wall's newest car division. Supported by safe and seamless software services, Haman's solution will provide a rich in-car experience, personalized content selection, modern comfort features and security solutions for Great Wall motorists. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, Haman provides leading interconnection technologies for the automotive, mass consumer and professional markets.

In addition to its traditional infotainment capabilities, Great Wall Motor, equipped with the Haman solution, will provide rich online content, support for voice assistants, personalized features such as custom music and personalized feature settings. As part of the partnership and coverage, since January 2019, Haman's caber safety business has been providing safety advisory services to Great Wall, continuing to demonstrate its commitment to providing security to its customers. In addition, for the first time, the WEY brand has partnered with the Haman auto technology brand, and the driver will display "Connect" on the launch screen of the infotainment system when the WEY VV6 is launched

Dr. Mike Peters, President of the Automotive Division of Haman International Intelligence Federation, said: "Today's consumers have high expectations for their vehicles equipped with the Intelligent Union system, thus motivating car manufacturers to create a more dynamic and targeted car experience," he said. Enhance the safety and convenience of vehicles. This new partnership will launch Haman's first infotainment product, developed in partnership with Great Wall Motor, to create an end-to-end digital experience solution for existing and future models of Great Wall Motor. "

Duo Songhua, deputy director of the Great Wall Automotive Technology Center, said: "Intelligence and networking are important strategic directions for Great Wall Automotive. Haman is the industry's leading provider of automotive solutions. We work with Haman," said Duo Songhua, deputy director of the Great Wall Automotive Technology Center. Reflects our unremitting pursuit of quality. The future of the car will become part of the life of the user intellectual association. By working with Haman to create these high-quality, personalized, and modern in-car environments, we will provide customers with an exceptional experience that allows them to access information on the road, feel safe and enjoy the intellectual Alliance. "



Haman's next-generation Great Wall infotainment system will provide the following intellectual experience:

-Intelligent security protection: the vehicle will be equipped with a ADAS driving assistance system, including forward collision detection, lane assistance system and HD 360 look around the vehicle to clearly monitor the blind areas around the vehicle.


-Natural speech interaction: support for cloud and local combination of voice assistants, more accurate recognition to make language communication more adaptable, more accurate.


-Support massive resources: Play local/ online photos, music, or videos on the on-board display screen with a DANA-enabled cell phone or a third-party mobile app screen.


-Automotive network safety: Haman and Great Wall Automobile work together to build automotive network safety, develop research with Haman's professional advantages, and provide best practices and technical solutions for the next generation automotive architecture of Great Wall Automotive.


Haman's collaboration with Great Wall Motor in the OTA remote vehicle Renewal Service began in 2017. Haman's world-leading, industry-proven OTA solution is also used in Great Wall Auto motive's next-generation infotainment system to provide ECU upgrade services for all-line cars using the platform. With the continuous development of Xiaoping and the rapid growth of its application, the cooperation between 2019 Haman and Great Wall in the field of OTA has been extended to the new generation intelligent cockpit project, which is suitable for all-car-series models. Updated technology allows new car products to include all vehicle software including from firmware, application, setup, configuration and maps to And TCU and ECU for remote upgrade.


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