IFLYTEK: intelligent vehicle Voice Assistant and Intelligent vehicle system | Shanghai Auto Show

IFLYTEK participated in the Shanghai Motor Show for the first time as a exhibitor.

On April 16, during the Shanghai Auto Show, tektite held a conference at its booth with the theme "Smart driving for AI".

At the meeting, Li Unfeeling, general manager of tektite Intelligent Automotive, gave a detailed presentation on the landing of the OS2.0 version of the next generation of human-computer interaction solutions in the field of human-computer interaction, and held hands with QQ music, Himalayas, mango and singing bar. Push a whole new, heartwarming act.

Finally, Li Unfeeling also announced that tektite will join forces with Great Wall, Meantime, to jointly launch the LIFE plan to create future AI travel.


The auto industry has already been laid out

To the outside world, to hear flyspeck's first reaction, perhaps only to recognize that it is a leading domestic AI company, focusing on the development of intelligent voice products.

But during the Shanghai auto show, tektite showed off its role as a supplier of cars. And this auto show, also is the first time that tektite takes part in the exhibition as an exhibitor.

It is understood that since 2003, tektite has been in the automotive industry layout. Through nearly 17 years of deep tillage, tektite has integrated first-class microphone array noise reduction, metalanguage recognition, AIUI conversational interaction, multilingual synthesis, audio processing and other technologies in the industry to achieve automotive "listening and speaking".

In addition, by combining biometric authentication, machine vision processing, image recognition, natural language understanding, machine translation, and other technologies such as big data and cloud computing, tektite allows cars to "look at color". Be able to understand and think, etc.

Related products, tektite has launched intelligent vehicle voice assistant, intelligent vehicle system, intelligent car machine and other automotive intelligent products.

By the end of 2018, the cooperation of tektite intelligent products had covered more than 90% of Chinese self-owned brands and joint-venture brand car factories, and the cumulative customer size of automobile front-loading products had exceeded 15 million.


vehicle-mounted system

According to reports, tektite as a supplier, mainly provides intelligent vehicle systems and intelligent vehicle voice assistant 2 products. Among them, in the intelligent vehicle system, its main product is already released in 2016 flying fish OS system. Last year, the system officially released version 2.0, this conference, Li Unfeeling mainly introduced the flying fish OS2.0 version of the landing.

Flying Fish OS is to provide users with face recognition, AI virtual assistant and sound source location through deep integration of voice engine, ecological engine and cloud services, and giving advanced intelligent man-machine interaction mode to provide users with face recognition, AI virtual assistant, and sound source location. Non-full-time arousal-free context understanding, custom wake-up words, XTTS and other functions.

In the introduction of Li Unfeeling, Flying Fish Intelligent vehicle system 2.0 is a combination of flying fish OS and vehicle hardware and software. This system uses context understanding, mufti-wheel dialogue, active interaction, voiceprint identification, sound source location, and so on. Narrow beam and other artificial intelligence technology, from hearing to vision, all-round intelligent car. And the use of voice interaction to further integrate the car body functions, car local services and Internet online content services.

Unlike other similar products on the market, tektite, a flying fish OS, does not require a fixed command or term to "wake up" the system's voice service every time, but rather can continue to have multiple rounds of conversations with voice assistants when they are active. Greatly convenient for users to invoke infotainment services, but also more in line with the style of human-to-human interaction.

In order to facilitate users to know the status of voice services, Flying Fish OS also integrates a virtual elf image made for smart cars, in an effort to give users a better emotional experience.

At this auto show, the flying fish OS vehicle elf launched a large number of new AI skills, including translation, Chou Gong-Deng interpretation, game talent, constellation luck, exchange rate and unit conversion, and so on, with high play ability.

For the flying fish OS system, Li Unfeeling focused on the future of its three major power direction:


First,Through the upgrading of the core voice ability of tektite, the artificial intelligence assistant can be molded, and the human-computer interaction experience of passengers in the car can be optimized.


Second,To push the interior of the vehicle to the APP, it is desirable to build a service scene through an interface, a set of systems, an architecture, and a deep-running vehicle-mounted system. Through data analysis, scene mining and other methods, the customer demand is predicted, the service is accurately pushed to the target population, the active and efficient service ecology is formed, and the various requirements of the passengers in the vehicle are actively met in real time;


Third,Combined with the internal parts of the vehicle, the vehicle is coordinated and intelligently controlled by the intelligent system through the driving factors inside and outside the vehicle.



At the same time, Li Unfeeling also said that in the future, the tektite will also focus on solving the problem of multiple voice needs in one vehicle, and introduce a solution for the multi-user area. Through the improvement of software technology and algorithm, under the same hardware standard, it brings users a better sound experience.

 “On-board Intelligent System”的图片搜索结果

Listen to the Action Intelligence LIFE Program

At present, the development of auto intelligent network makes the communication and cooperation between automobile and transportation, IT, artificial intelligence and other industries become more and more close. From the point of view of user demand, it is the major trend of industry change to establish multilateral cooperative relationship among enterprises and jointly promote the formation of automobile open ecology.

In fact, over the past five years, tektite has aggregated more than 50 Eco-resources in the automotive industry through the integration of hardware and software, front-end and back-end integration, algorithm and engine integration.

Similarly, at last year's 1024 developer's Day, the tektite Smart car also launched a "Beautiful Program," which provides a more melodious sound to the vehicle by combining voice speakers, sound effects, and other technologies, dedicated to "getting every word of feedback," The notes are pleasing to the ear. "

At this launch, tektite also released the latest action for the program, Baotou, aimed at taking advantage of the advantages of tektite technology, integrating high-quality content on the Internet, and forming a closed-loop path from background content to front-end experience. Create the future car to listen to the new space.

Currently, tektite has partnered with QQ music, Himalayas, singing bar, and mango. The cooperation with QQ music is to realize the inter working with the system account and QQ music, and to obtain the user's preference to listen to music for personalized recommendation; The purpose of cooperation with Himalayas is to open up the operating channels of automobile enterprises and to build a direct content platform for users, and to develop market segments for content segmentation with mango. Partnering with singing bars is an attempt to boost flyspeck's involvement in car entertainment and build social sharing around car music.

Finally, Li Unfeeling also announced with the Great Wall, Meantime jointly launched the LIFE plan, Meantime full-scene life service will be stationed in the flying fish OS, and will take the lead in the Great Wall H7 up and down, the three sides together to create a future travel AI lifestyle. Users can order meals online through flying fish OS, buy movie tickets, and get resources such as hotels, accommodations, attractions and so on.


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