The Big PK of the Smart + Connected System. Which brand of black technology do you like most?

In this intelligent age, there is no intelligent system for any device that is in touch with the technology, and the car is no exception. The major auto brands are in line with the intelligence, and they have launched their own interconnected systems for a period of time. We understand three excellent interconnection systems, and do you like the brand's black technology?

DS CONNECT intelligent interconnection system

It is an intelligent interconnection system jointly created by DS and Aweigh. It is built by using Sulawesi's global public cloud service and based on the CVMP(Connected Vehicle Modular Platform)platform of Aweigh Connemara car networking technology. The latest version of the 2020 DS7 comes with the DSCONNECT system and is the first model to carry the system. 

This system covers free travel, security, worry-free car, interconnection and sharing, taste life in five major directions of Internet services. Among them, the on-board Wi-Fi can be used by six devices. DS also set up a brand call center to provide users with a comprehensive, high-quality and intimate intelligent car experience.

It is worth mentioning that, DS CONNECT intelligent interconnection system is constantly evolved. Users can use DS APP to monitor vehicle information, the system will also upload the vehicle driving information to the vehicle network platform in real time; when there is collision risk with other vehicles, it will warn the driver, and in the event of an accident, the user can use DS Connect emergency call service to request assistance; when encountered in front of the traffic accident, road congestion and other situations, the system can remind the driver to avoid the road section in time. Motorcycles and pedestrians crossing the road who suddenly appear in the blind area of the vehicle can also be monitored and monitored in a timely manner. Early warning.

Volvo Call connect. 
Volvo On Call system, which combines mobile applications, on-board Wi-Fi, and interconnection services, is also quite convenient.

The system includes constant temperature control, exploration of new landmarks, vehicle condition and driving logs, link schedules, vehicle location search and so on. Because of these functions, you can set the opening time of the warm wind in the car and turn on the refrigeration in advance in hot weather. You can also check fuel consumption, mileage and the next maintenance time; it can even help you find your car accurately in a noisy parking lot.

One of the better features is that users of dual-engine models (plug-in hybrid vehicles) can access many additional intelligent features through the system, such as preheating and preconceiving, delayed charging, understanding battery status, preferred charging locations. If the user does not connect the charging line to charge the vehicle within a predetermined time, the housekeeper will also warn.

Mercedes-Benz COMAND system
Mercedes-Benz COMAND system is different from other brands of intelligent interconnection system, but the function is similar. The system is controlled by a row of buttons below the front LCD screen and a knob on the central arm case. At present, Mercedes-Benz COMAND, not only integrates all kinds of media information operation, but also can control the main vehicle function more simply and intuitively.

This system includes display screen, controller, function button and telephone key area, mainly controls the car audio function, the navigation system, the vehicle telephone, the multimedia playback and the vehicle integrated control system. In the com and system, the console LCD screen is divided into five grading menus: navigation, radio, media, telephone and vehicle. The specific operation can be controlled in three ways, namely, the knob in front of the central arm box, the shortcut key in the air conditioning area and the button on the multifunctional steering wheel.

It can be said that the biggest advantage of Mercedes-Benz COMAND system is its powerful and intuitive operation, coupled with the car rear row system has a branch button, watch a DVD, adjust a television station and other basic functions can be easily done.


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