The original screen upgrades a key market that is ignored.

The original car screen is upgraded, as the name implies, the host with the screen of the original car is upgraded, and can be realized after the upgrade.
Navigation, DVD,CMMB digital TV, reverse view, intelligent trajectory reverse assistance, head pillow

Screen output and other functions, of course, these listed functions can be arbitrarily selected by owners to add, to achieve the diversified needs of high-end owners.

At present, with the popularity of "screen" in the middle of the car and the breakthrough of the original car screen upgrade technology, "upgrade" is no longer just the patent of Mercedes-Benz BMW. From this trend, "original car screen upgrade" seems to have a promising prospect.

But another reality is in front of us: the special purpose of special cars has been popularized in the after-sale market of cars, and the above functions can also be realized by changing the mainframe; many manufacturers of the original car screen upgrade scheme have quietly changed their strategies in the field of special cars. Is "original car screen upgrade" declining or rising?

Status:The technology penetration from the high-end car to the middle-end car is started from the Audi A6L. With the development of the automobile technology, the demand of the car owner is more and more diversified, and the information displayed in the car is getting more and more. The information displayed is realized only through the "screen", from the early dot matrix screen (which has not met the variety of information display) to 6.5 inches, then to 7 inches, or even 8.5 inches. The screen has been widely used, especially for more than 200,000 vehicles. The function of the original car is far from meeting the demand of the consumer, navigation, digital television, back sight, reverse track assistance, etc., even the high-end car, can hardly be fully integrated. the upgrade is also It's an urgent need for the owner.

In 2005, Audi A6L went on the market, aiming at the lack of navigation of the original car, DVD, digital TV, the inherent shortage of backward view, and the urgent demand of domestic users for navigation and reverse viewing function, coupled with the entry of foreign technology, the concept of "original car screen upgrade" began to be accepted by car owners. In 2008, Audi's monthly hot sale of more than 10, 000 sets in the domestic market pushed the original car screen upgrade market to a climax. Because Audi's every car is equipped with a screen, this has led to the popularity of the original car screen upgrade in the market. According to the relevant data, the market achieved a conversion growth rate of more than 50% in that year, which also made many high-end car owners drive. Begin to know and understand the original car screen.

In 2009, the original car screen upgrade market once again ushered in several important turning points: 1, Audi original car itself with navigation function; 2, natural sounds, Junwei and other terminal models also began to bring a screen; 3, the upgrade function is becoming more and more diversified, no longer just navigation, the function is gradually diversified and rich. This means that manufacturers have to consider the strategic transformation to the middle end of the model, because the number of high-end models is limited after all, coupled with the increasing number of middle-end models with "screen", the middle-end models have naturally become the main battle point for brand manufacturers to attack.

What are the advantages of upgrading the original car screen?
First of all, there is a guarantee in the security, if the original car screen is directly replaced with the special mainframe with the screen, the previous screen will be wasted, and the replaced host is decoded by CAN protocol, which can not guarantee 100% perfect decoding, so there may be many problems, such as black screen, flower screen, or affect the stability of other electronic products in the car. However, the upgrade of the original car screen does not involve CAN protocol, and the security and the matching of the original car are relatively high.

In addition, in the function can achieve a variety of choices, self-service installation, flexibility is quite high. Compared with the special machine replacing the screen, the original car screen upgrade not only preserves the original screen, but also can choose the additional function independently, for example, the owner can choose CMMB digital TV, reverse view, intelligent track reverse assistance, head pillow screen output and so on, while the original DVD, navigation function is retained.

To sum up, there are several advantages to upgrading the original car screen:
1. It does not involve CAN protocol, and the security is relatively high with the matching of the original car.

2, self-service installation, in the function can achieve a variety of choices, flexibility is quite high;

3, do not have to replace the original car screen, do not waste;

4, retain the function of the original car, do not destroy the style of the original car;

5, after-sale simple and convenient, bad where to repair, timely find and solve problems.

At the consumer level, I believe that for many car owners, "original car screen upgrade" is still a strange word. Special car flying, has already overshadowed the "original car screen upgrade" momentum, so that the original advantages of the concept of upgrading has been set in the corner, ignored. This is a hot spot that should play an important role in the rear market of cars, but because of the lack of publicity and promotion, it has become the object that people easily ignore.

In the new 2014, more mid-range models have also chosen the Zhilian screen function, such as Guangben Jiu Yaku, Lingpai, Toyota's new RAV4, and other midrange cars began to bring screens. All brands have seen the prospect of upgrading the original car screen. The mature original car screen upgrade technology has achieved great results in promoting the integration, intelligence and entertainment of the automobile audio and video system. However, the cultivation of the market needs the guidance of the pioneers, and the original car screen upgrade application blue sea is in urgent need of a market "pilot". The heart dress industry, the development prospect is unprecedented, we look forward to the original car screen upgrade in the automobile audio and video stage to display the splendor, and the special machine to deduce together A wonderful game!


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