The second half of car voice interaction: "Calculation + data" become a competitive core

More and more people are beginning to believe that the thorough mainstreaming of voice is not a problem to be discussed, but a matter of time and habit shift. 

The value of voice interaction has gradually evolved from the narrow understanding of “control mode” in the past few years and has become a “new entrance” in the eyes of the industry, with the opportunity to connect with a new industrial ecology.

As one of the connected core hardware, the battle for the voice interactive platform in the automotive field has also entered a feverish state. In the vehicle environment, it is highly probable that it will become the most typical scene for users to practice voice interaction. 

The competition is still going on. However, with the advancement of the industrial environment of core technologies, the competition for in-vehicle voice interactive platforms has evolved from the competition of natural language processing (NLP) + natural language understanding (NLU) engine capabilities to the next competition of the data and computing power + resource integration capabilities. Who will win in this process?


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