TOYOTA displays the lasts vehicle interconnection terminal at the Mobile World Congress (MWC)

In the Mobile World Congress (hereinafter referred to as” MWC” on 28th June, TOYOTA displayed five different applications connecting by smartphone (smartphone mirroring) and vehicle terminal, which is developed and based on Smart Device Link (hereinafter referred to as “SDL”) open sources platform. Users can safely and conveniently to use the smartphone applications through onboard terminals and voice in the vehicles carrying SDL. TOYOTA plans to launch SDL-enabled products in 2018 and is pushing for collaboration with manufacturers, partners, and developers.

Five SDL enabled apps displayed in the show:
1. 4D navigation: 4D map is a new professional automobile navigation software developed for mobile phone users. Support site search and route search functions;
2. QQ music: music platform of China's local network, legitimate digital music service provider;
3. Himalaya FM: a local audio platform with a large user base and massive audio content;
4. My weather: it supports more than 300,000 Chinese and overseas cities with accurate data and beautiful user interface.

5. Japan tourism information: it is developed by Japanese company KDDI for SDL, providing information on Japanese tourist attractions.

As early as August 2011, Toyota reached an agreement with Ford Motor to standardize a new generation of vehicle-mounted intelligent communication systems. In June 2015, both sides agreed to import SDL, concerning that SDL as the optimum platform connecting the car and smartphone. In January 2018, Toyota and Ford Motor, with a number of automakers and car terminal vendors, established a nonprofit organization "Smart Device Link Consortium" alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "SDL alliance"). Drivers can safely and conveniently to use the smartphone applications through their respective vehicle system and interface, which can promote its compatible usability in onboard systems by different automakers.

At present, in China, there are 15 applications supporting SDL. Toyota will continue to work with other organization members in SDL alliance to provide better third-party applications for consumers. "Developing 'connected' services that fit the features of the car and allow customers to use their smartphones more safely and securely is one of the things that car makers should offer customers," Toyota insiders said. In the future, with the arrival of the intelligent interconnection era, Toyota will continue to use the high-performance and easy-to-operate vehicle-mounted intelligent communication system to enable the consumers to experience the fun of cars while ensuring driving safety.


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