Xevo boost 2018 TOYOTA Camry vehicle system

According to reports, Xevo announced that the company will provide 2018 new technologies for TOYOTA Camry, the TOYOTA new car will be released. The model shows TOYOTA's EntuneTM 3 multimedia system, including EntuneTM 3 App Suite Connect, which is provided by the Journeyware platform of Xevo.

The new EntuneTM 3 App Suite Connect suite enables the driver to access the Scout GPS Link of the Telenav, and also transmit the fractional navigation (turn-by-turn directions) displayed on the mobile device to the vehicle's factory multimedia system.

Xevo's Journeyware platform involves Xevo engine technology, which is used to drive Entune 3 App Suite and smart phone network interconnection system. The Xevo engine device will realize the interconnection of all devices and display screens, and reduce the specifications of hardware devices as much as possible.

The equipment can be compatible with various types of networks. After integrating embedded HTML5 browsers, navigation applications and vehicle diagnostic information, it will promote the improvement of HMI in the vehicle and obtain relevant analysis data. With the help of the Xevo engine, the Entune 3 platform makes use of the user's smartphone to provide it with a good internal experience, including an upgraded vehicle information entertainment system, a smartphone based navigation service and information services.

With the aid of the EntuneTM 3 multimedia system, the 2018 TOYOTA Camry sedan will be equipped with a navigation Scout GPS Link and a Xevo Engine Link to enable the driver to transmit the information displayed on the mobile device to the multimedia display screen in the car.

Scout GPS Link provides navigation services based on clouds to users, including a fully interactive moving map, intelligent retrieval, voice-assisted navigation, optimized real-time traffic route navigation, and home-screen for key destinations navigation. The estimated arrival time(ETA) of important destinations(such as company or residence) and voice recognition function.

Scout GPS Link can also be combined with other EntuneTM 3 App Suite Connect applications, such as Yelp, which provides a seamless navigation service for the driver, to drive the vehicle to a designated location without the driver's switching operation between the applications.

Scout GPS Link is a navigation system program driven by OpenStreetMap (OSM) data, and TOYOTA 2016 and 2017 models quoted the scheme. The 2018 TOYOTA Camry also uses OSM built-in data, which will provide a more interactive navigation experience. TOYOTA owners with iPhone and Android phones can use Apple App Store and Google Play to complete Scout GPS Link upgrade.


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