A Cadillac who needs to "pick one from two" on his or her phone

Is it using the car machine to serve the mobile phone, or use the car machine instead of the mobile phone? That's a problem!

Cadillac as a second-line luxury brand, its entry-level model ATS-L is its main attack on the standard German series three. As far as the product is concerned, compared with its diamond cutting technology design concept, MRC active electromagnetic suspension and the strongest power system in the 300000 product, this time focuses on the new generation of CUE entertainment information system, such as it.

Prior to the test, they were not really optimistic about the strength of the CUE system. After all, compared with many autonomous vehicles equipped with BAT technology, the biggest problem with the joint venture product is to improve the degree of localization is really difficult.

But after a few days of experience, I was a little surprised by the conclusion of this machine system, which was once known for its "Angina service". Why is that?


Luxury, technology, sense of belonging

Padilla own central-control design is very mature-luxury, technology, a sense of belonging. Appropriate metal drawing with a large area of black piano lacquer decorative panels, the overall look very beautiful. Although the 8-inch display screen is not large, but the background tone in black treatment, added extensible. UI interactive design, The system adopts a large button design which is divided into functional areas. The main interface consists of air conditioning, music, telephone, navigation, and the bottom shortcut function bar.


Advantages:The touchable parts of the four functional areas of the main interface are designed so as to facilitate blind operation and effectively reduce the risk of desperation. It is worth mentioning that the Cadillac CUE system in 2008, the beginning of the clear design thinking. And recently saw such a design, or not long ago listed on the Polestar 2.


Shortcomings:The four functional areas are default and cannot be set by themselves; the function key is redundant; the bottom shortcut function bar is completely the same as the functional area application; the position of the time display is placed in the lower right corner and is very inconvenient to view.

The Cadillac seems to have a built-in application in order to integrate into the overall environment of the domestic machine system. In this application, we are familiar with the Android interactive interface, as well as A map, koala FM, Ne Tease cloud music and other applications.

In this way, the localization service is built into the system (a bit like the old Symbiosis 4.0 mobile phone system), and the practice is novel, and the koala FM, Ne Tease cloud music has a lot of programs and songs built-in. With 4G networking loading speed is very fast, the library and radio programs are also up-to-date.

However, the integration of the new software in Cadillac with the whole system is very low, whether it is the screen resolution display, or the smoothness of the operation, all of which are inferior to the original system.

In addition, in the new system, voice assistant Che Nun bacteria has been tried many times and can not be used, and in addition to the above mentioned several applications are more practical, other applications generally will not be used. So this is also a testament to the previous statement that joint venture machine services are difficult to localize.


Amap contracted all navigation

The Cadillac CUE system has a navigation application installed on a 16GB memory card. To open the application's txt file information, the car-cloud-strain found the app to be high, and it was a 2017 version.

In addition, this system can also install V3.0 version of the machine version of A map. We are very familiar with this system, and the main interface of the system map display and intelligent voice is associated with the navigation of the machine, so we mainly talk about the machine's own navigation.


Actual experience:

By using voice input navigation instructions, the vehicle machine system has the same recognition ability to speech commands, faster speech speed or lower recognition rate of some unusual place names. The use of Pinyin or hand-written input experience is very good, quick response, can recognize ligature, with association function. Access to the secondary interface through voice navigation, can not use voice to select specific locations, but also can not achieve the operation of page flipping. Therefore, subsequent operations can only be performed manually. Fortunately, the navigation provides the index of many peripheral facilities, including parking lot, ATM, emergency shelter and so on.

Choose a destination, the navigation application can provide three route options, and can choose five evading ways, including avoiding congestion, avoiding charges and so on. During driving, faster route recommendations can be provided. It is worth mentioning that navigation routes can also be displayed on the HUD head-up and on the dashboard.

By the way, ATS-L 's HUD head-up display is very powerful. Not only the full color design is adopted, but also the display content is very rich. It can also switch four kinds of different information interfaces, such as speed, entertainment information, navigation prompt information and assistant driving information, etc.

In addition, ATS-L instrument display content is also very rich. A total of three show areas, range, four tires.


Comprehensive integration of video and audio entertainment

Let's take a look at the data on the device inside and outside the car:

Number of USB:

Two in the front row, none in the back row.

Cell phone Wireless charging location:


12V power interface:



The whole system is equipped with World Audio, 7 speakers in total.


The Cadillac CUE system combines AM,FM, Bluetooth, music played by USB, and Ne Tease and koala FM within Cadillac applications, and the industry's pioneers can match complex information and entertainment data through a single system. Through a single interface, audio content can be converted and connected.

It is worth mentioning that this entertainment system can support Fla,m4a,Mp3,Av four lossless music format recognition, through 7 horn surround effect, the inside car music effect is full score. In addition, the system also supports a variety of sound effects.


An Angie, which is misplaced into "transfer center".

Anemic Star is a joint venture between General Motors, SAIC and Shanghai General Motors established in 2009. The following image shows Anemic Star's official website:

After my actual experience, in terms of independent user experiences, "I" believe that most of the time this feature only acts as a "transfer center" rather than a "customer service center" that gives users direct access to the service, because:

When we Anemic star customer service asked how to use the engine system navigation, the customer service replied that they are not in charge of the business, questions about the vehicle can help transfer to SAIC GM customer support Center;

When I used the SOS emergency service, I told him I had a flat tire and needed road rescue. Their approach was to transfer me to the people on the road rescue side, and then the customer service would confirm my name, phone number, location information, and transfer me to the nearby 4S store. Finally, 4S store talent contact me.

To sum up, it is rare that Angie can give you a feeling about what kind of problem you can find. And the telephone can be connected quickly, communication efficiency is fast; in addition, customer service return visits are also very good

However, for some problems (such as those involving offline services), Angel has basically played the role of a "transfer center", which also means that behind Angina, only departments of each service have not been opened.

It is also important to note that functions such as collision auto-help cannot be tested for practical reasons, and the bacterium expects Angelica to perform well in this regard.

 “Cadillac carplay”的图片搜索结果

Details that have to be said.

To be sure, the Cadillac CUE system, which has been updated over the years, is well-developed and mature in operational logic, in some of the details, but also in poorly thought-out designs.



Let's start with some detailed design in place.

1, quick call out, Miss Sir.

With Bluetooth connected, long press the Smart Voice button on the functionalism steering wheel to exhale the Sir. on the handset Although the system does not have a powerful intelligent voice assistant, the ability to call out Sir quickly also makes up for some of these deficiencies.


2, vibration tactile feedback

The system uses full capacitance touch pulse feedback design, click on the screen or touch the air conditioning area, there will be pulse vibration feedback, and there will be a long time and second feedback. In addition, it also supports drag, push, expand, and receive and other touch operations.


3, no input while driving

Users in the driving process, the system default cannot be written or keystroke input operation. Some people would say that such a design would have an impact on the normal operation of the co-pilot. But Che Nun bacteria thinks, when this system voice assistant is not perfect enough, such design can guarantee the user's driving safety more.


Let's complain about the ill-thought-out design.

1, Navigation loaded feature BUG

As mentioned above, the machine's own navigation is installed in the storage card. After the storage card is unplugged, the navigation display of the main interface is always in the loading state. Note that almost 20 minutes have passed without loading, but entering navigation by other means is usable.


2, wireless charging position chicken rib

ATS-L wireless charging position is more awkward, it is hidden in the air-conditioning control area, it is not convenient to take out at any time. Although the machine is now smart, and the design of this feature is very scientific, but for personal advice, "I" still want the phone to be in line of sight.


brief summary

Cadillac since 2008 to develop their own machine system, can be said to be an early entry into the field of car networking players. In the connected 2.0 era, Cadillac was able to stand up with the CUE system. But in the 3.0's, the new generation of CUE didn't seem to find its way:

1, the performance of intelligent voice assistant is flat, can only realize the function of navigation, telephone and FM;


2, UI interaction design ideas ahead of time, but slightly redundant, a navigation portal can find five different;


3, Anji Star service is comprehensive, any questions will be answered. However, too procedural, offline service is not enough, which will increase the cost of user use time.


4, there are still some places to optimize the design.

Overall, the next-generation Cadillac CUE interconnection system is in the market, bright but can complain of a lot of points, can only say that its functionality is in the middle of the upper position.

The reason for this is that it is the direction problem-Cadillac is focusing on the phone, trying to make it easier for users to use their phones inside the car through the 4G mobile network, WIFI hot spots. This leads to the intelligence of their own car on the reduction of a lot of points.

In the future, Cadillac should not simply bring the Android thing over, but deeply integrate, digest, and make the machine system smart. Coupled with its 4G mobile and full-time Angina service, Che believes such a CUE system will be competitive in the 3. 0 era of intelligent networking.


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