Google Maps adds new features to display available car charging station information in real time

Google announced that Google Maps can now display free-space charging station information directly to drivers of electric vehicles in real time.

According to media reports, six months ago, Google announced that it would begin showing off the location of Tesla (Tesla), Charge point and Charge and other companies' charging stations for electric vehicles in its maps app.

Details displayed include the number of charging stations available, the location of the charging stations, charging speed, reading the recharge station reviews, viewing photos, seeing ratings, and reading questions from other visitors.

Compared with the diesel and gasoline market, the market for electric vehicles is modest but growing rapidly. The lack of charging infrastructure remains one of the biggest obstacles to the popularity of electric vehicles because of concerns that cars will run out of power if they are not found. As a result, electric vehicle charging field has flooded into a large number of investments and acquisitions.

Alex Donaldson, Google Maps Product Manager, wrote in a blog post that Google Maps will display in real time information on the charging stations available for Charge,Eggo and Connection, and will include Charge point charging station information in the future.

It is interesting to see companies such as electric car charging companies (and Google Maps) introduce some sort of reservation facility, because drivers have just arrived at the charging station, only to find that the available charging station has been snapped up by others. Currently, the new Google Maps feature for electric car users can be used on desktop, Android devices, iOS devices and Android automotive systems.

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