EXED star-in-the-way lion's intelligent cloud system: What are the surprises after the hand-in-hand Baikal Apollo?

The camera integrated on the left side of the rear view mirror and the camera facing the front of the rear view mirror is one of the more important bases in the whole satellite lion intelligent cloud vehicle system.

Cheri's pace seems to have slowed a little as Geeky and the Great Wall have already launched their own high-end brands early. The Exceed brand, which has been transformed from the English word Exceed, just decided on the Chinese name star path at the end of last year to express the meaning of transcendence. Whether it's surpassing rivals in the same camp or more first-come people on the market, the first product, the Star TX/TXL, first showed us the Lion Intelligence Cloud system.

The cooperation between Baikal and Cheri originated in the context of centralization and networking. Cheri and Baikal signed strategic cooperation in the field of auto-driving and car networking in early 2017. Therefore, Baikal Apollo will then become an important partner of the Star Lion Intelligence Cloud system, Xingu TX is the world's first mass-produced model carrying Baikal Apollo small-scale on-board OS. Let's take a closer look at some of their achievements in intelligent mufti-mode interaction.


Look: face recognition & AR Navigation

In addition to our common central control screen, liquid crystal meters and auxiliary functionalism buttons, the camera integrated on the left side of the rear view mirror and the camera facing the front of the rear view mirror is one of the more important foundations of the entire satellite lion intelligence cloud engine system.

 First, through the camera, the system can collect the driver's face information to generate FACE ID, when someone gets on the car, the system will automatically recognize the FACE ID login personal account, and then the system will automatically adjust to the seat position that was set before. System theme, music internalization recommendation, navigation account switching and other personal information synchronization, no additional settings.

And the whole process can be done in the background before you get on the bus and the vehicle system is powered on, and it supports up to 10 FACE ID entries and records the setting information of the account separately, and when the driver who does not have a record gets on the car, The system will also be through the mobile phone star APP want to remind the owner of the occurrence.

When we experienced it, we adjusted the seat, the system, and after the engineer got back in the car, everything was restored almost immediately after he sat down, and he didn't have to look up at the camera. There is no difference from the usual experience of getting on the bus.


The camera facing the car retains more infrared light than the normal camera, so it can be recognized at night or when light is low. So here's another "snap feature" in the system that gives the car owner a self through a camera inside and outside the car, takes a picture in front of the car or a 10-second short video and sends it to the phone at one click. But because of the infrared light of the camera inside the car, the self will have some color difference. In addition, the front camera can also act as a black box to record the road ahead when it encounters a collision, but it cannot be used as a front-mounted Car Log alone because of the calculation module and storage unit.

Front camera not only can be photographed, more important function is to achieve the current first fusion car with real-world AR navigation. In addition to using the normal version of Baikal navigation, the Lion Intelligence Cloud system can also display guidance lines and distance information in the center control screen based on the lane line and intersection in front of the center control screen through virtual reality technology. In most cases, the guide line can be basically fitted to the lane line, when the intersection is more complex road conditions will be slightly delayed and inaccurate, but combined with the overall effect of the scene is still more intuitive.

Like today's iPhone, from password recognition, fingerprint recognition to facial recognition, we might be a bit hard to accept or even reject at first, but it's like since we tried the wireless Air Pods and iPhone X facial recognition.


The ease of discovering new technologies does make it difficult to go back, and FACE ID's initial experience with the mass-production version of TXL is smooth. Of course, if you worry about the privacy of personal information, FACE ID features can also be turned off.

In addition, in the air-conditioning control area of the central control station, not only a delicate display screen is designed in the middle of the knob, it can display different contents such as temperature, time and weather, and there is also animation effect when adjusting the temperature, and the UI design is also beautiful. A visual bonus.


Say: more efficient voice capability

The second one we want to say is that everyone is no stranger to the voice function. After awakening by "small degree" (the wake-up word will be adjusted later), the ordinary functions such as natural language recognition, vehicle entertainment control, hardware function and so on can be completed normally, and its highlight is the voice interrupt function. Many rounds of dialogue are free of wakefulness.

We quickly and continuously issued a series of instructions to the machine: "playing XX songs," suspending playing, "playing music," last, "and" next. "there is no need to add a wake-up word of" minor "in front of each instruction. We also tried "magnifying maps", "narrowing maps", "turning on roads" and "turning off roads" in the navigation system, and the whole process was much faster and smoother. Although there are also many other electronic products that can also achieve the function of multi-word dialogue without wake-up words, but still rare in the car machine.


With regard to the logic of multiple rounds of conversation, we can note that under normal circumstances, The system displays what we're saying in a small line of small words at the top left of the screen at the time of voice input (and it's not like some voice systems occupy the entire screen at once, and it doesn't interfere with what's currently being displayed). At this point we need to add a wake-up word before issuing the next instruction; However, when the system displays the desired content on full screen according to the voice instructions, it can realize many rounds of dialogue without calling words.

Full-screen voice interaction, even in the upper left-hand corner of the small words do not appear, why can you still be able to call the words awake? This is because the system is dedicated to the entertainment and navigation systems that give higher priority to the commands we have just talked about and can issue instructions directly at any time, even when the background is running.

We can also find that in the process of setting up navigation or reporting the weather, we don't have to wait until the system is finished to issue the next command, without the need to wake up the word or press the voice button of the steering wheel. Moreover, when the system is interrupted, the speed of overreaction is good, and the efficiency of the whole speech interaction can be greatly improved.

In addition, the voice system supports teaching and features active alerts based on scenes and habits, holiday blessings, weather alerts, and trouble alerts ("does your car engine malfunction help you navigate to a nearby 4S store?") Such as, also has the "independent learning" ability, continuously accumulates, updates the corpus.


Use: online payment & Smart Home

We just talked about the camera and FACE ID, which replaces the password in another way of authentication, and naturally there's a lot more extension in the life of people and cars. It also brings in one of the most widely used features on our phones, online payment, for example. At present, you can call out the machine directly through the voice to buy movie tickets, and through the FACE ID and binding bank card directly in the car payment.

In addition, the lion wisdom cloud system also added the scene of smart home. It opened Barmaid's powerful Internet of things ecosystem DUEROS, in the car can be remotely controlled by voice home smart home equipment, in advance control of the home lights, air conditioning, water heaters, curtains and so on.

Similarly, at home in turn also can use Baikal stereo to complete in advance hot car, lock car, close car window and so on function. And more importantly, for the largest ecological problem in the layout of smart homes at present, the Lion Intelligence Cloud system not only supports Baikal, such as Axiom, Haber, Everglade and other markets can support almost all ecological environments. No matter which one you use.


brief summary

More rare, the whole system is not a simple stack of functions, or pure borrowing, but around the car camera and central control screen, combined with Baikal ecology to create the entire vehicle-borne OS ecology. And we found in the interconnections why there was no Afterlife but just a Car play?. Because the whole machine can be seen as a Car life.. This way of thinking combined with our actual experience, it can be said that the Exceed at least on the smart car machine gives us a lot of surprise, how to "beyond" also depends on the vehicle product power and market performance.


Stairway's first new car, the TX, was officially launched at the Wuhan factory at the end of January and independently built a network of dealers. Although there is no clear timeline for listing, but also in the near future.


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