Hyundai is working with SoundHound to develop in-car intelligent voice assistant

It is very dangerous for the driver to operate the vehicle entertainment system while driving so that more and more traffic accidents caused by such a situation. Automakers urgently need to find an alternative solution to use vehicle entertainment systems easier and safer. The voice personal assistant that has been used for many years on mobile phones may be the best solution. The voice assistant allows you to have better driving habits, allowing you to text your friends by voice, no need to look away from the road.

Hyundai and SoundHound announced that they will jointly develop Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA), a voice-activated artificial intelligence assistant whose goal is to do everything for you while driving the car. This IPA is an active assistant, which means it can predict your needs and actively push the relevant information to you if you need.

The PA was developed on the basis of Hyundai Blue Link. It also incorporates a car-connected service that allows drivers to use voice commands to control smart appliances when you’re not at home.

For in-car use, this virtual personal assistant can do some simple tasks for you, such as querying weather information, sending messages, calling someone, controlling doors, setting navigation destinations, managing to schedule, and searching/playing music. You don't need to be distracted while driving.

Unlike other virtual assistants, this modern personal assistant can recognize and execute multiple commands at once. For example, you can say to it: "Hey, Hyundai, look for the nearest Starbucks, and then turn on the heating at home."

IPA uses Soundound's advanced artificial intelligence platform Houndify for cars. SoundHound’s CEO Keyvan Mohajer said: "We have built Houndify for 10 years. It is the most advanced voice AI platform. When using this platform, our partners can use their own products after personalized modification"

IPA was officially launched at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in 2018, and Hyundai will show you how it works with HUD displays. In addition, Hyundai also revealed that IPA will appear for the first time in a new vehicle model launched in 2019.


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