New software helps car identification texting and driving

According to the National Security Council, there are 1.6 million traffic accidents in the United States each year. One out of each four accidents was caused by this. The question is if we know how dangerous and deadly it is to send text messages while driving - why can't our cars stop?

Soon, your car may remind you to let the phone down when you drive on the road: Researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed an algorithm that uses cameras and artificial intelligence to detect if you are distracted by driving – including When you use your phone. This system can detect signs of distraction, which may be due to texting or phone calls, turning to the back seat, or any other factor that causes head and face changes. This research is based on previous research to identify fatigue drivers that cause drivers to blink and yawn.

Researchers hope that with the ability to automate driving into the car, the software can be used to protect drivers and others on the road. At least, if you can't (or don't want to) put down your phone, this technique can be used to help your car clean up the mess.

The auto-driving characteristics of a car exclude the most dangerous factors in driving from the equation: human error. Some people estimate that by using autonomous cars, tens of thousands of lives can be saved each year.

In order to answer the phone, we can't completely abandon our responsibility after driving: in the early stage of autonomous driving, the car with autopilot will have a gray area or just some unmanned cars on the road. We will not be able to switch to a fully automated driverless car immediately.

During the transition period, if the road conditions become less secure, the car may use such software to detect if the driver is distracted and take over the drive. According to Karray, director of the Center for Pattern Analysis and Machine Information (CPAMI) at the University of Waterloo, “If there is an imminent danger, even in a short period of time, the car will take over to avoid a collision.” In addition to this life-saving function, the software will at least remind us. Put down your phone and pay attention to the road.


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