Rear view camera VS parking sensor

Is your car with a parking radar or reversing camera?

Do you want to install reversing images on the car? Let us first look at the difference between radar and reversing images.

rear camera interface

What is a parking sensor?

The reversing radar, that is, the "reverse anti-collision radar", also called "parking aid", is mainly composed of ultrasonic sensors, controllers and displays.

The reversing radar is a safety auxiliary device for parking or reversing the car. It can inform the driver of the obstacles around by the sound or more intuitive display, and relieve the driver's parking, reversing and starting the vehicle. Troubled and helped the driver to remove the blind spots of vision and blurred vision.

Peugeot rear camera interface

The working principle of reversing radar:

When the reversing radar is reversed, the ultrasonic principle is used to transmit the ultrasonic wave to the obstacle after the probe on the rear bumper of the device transmits the sound wave, and the actual distance between the vehicle body and the obstacle is calculated, and then the driver is prompted to make parking or Reversing is easier and safer.

auto parking sensor

The main function of reversing radar

(1) Accurately measure the distance between the rear of the vehicle and the nearest obstacle;

(2) When reversing to the limit distance, a short warning sound can be issued to alert the driver to the brake;

(3) Repeated voice warnings to alert pedestrians;

What is a reversing image?

After years of development, the reversing radar system has been upgraded with technology, improved performance, and applied to various types of vehicles, such as trucks, buses, school buses, combine harvesters, corn harvesters, passenger cars, construction machinery, etc. Large car.

Regardless of the structure and appearance, or the performance price, today's products have their own characteristics, and more are used in digital display, screen display, and multi-function mirror display.

The reversing image system can be seen clearly even through infrared rays at night. The professional car probe has further improved anti-magnetic, anti-vibration, waterproof and dustproof performance.

The car display adopts TFT true color and has no signal interference and no flicker after anti-magnetic treatment. At the same time, it can receive two videos and can play VCD, DVD without video interface. At the same time, it has reversing visual automatic horizontal conversion and automatic switching function. The instrument panel and the endoscope display can clearly display the information behind through the car camera behind the car.

Check out video interfaces here: Rear camera interface for Citroen, Opel video interface, Toyota camera interface module.

It is also possible to install two rear view cameras at the same time so that there is no blind spot when reversing.

The difference between reversing image and reversing radar and its advantages and disadvantages

First, the advantages of reversing images compared with reversing radar are:

The installation is simple. Generally, the reversing image of the ordinary single output only needs to connect the positive end of the power cable to the positive pole of the car reversing light, and the negative of the power cable to the negative of the reversing lamp or ground GND). According to the different types of wiring, the wiring can understand how to arrange it. The camera can be installed in an easy-to-install position.

At a glance, after the vehicle is hung up, the physical image of the rear of the car can be clearly seen, which is convenient for the driver to judge.

Second, the disadvantages of reversing images compared with reversing radar are:

The initiative, the reversing image requires the driver to observe the dynamics in the display before reversing, provided that you need to look at it to understand the situation, but the reversing radar can be used when you observe the left side if there is an obstacle on the right. When the time, a voice reminder. Such as: "Left danger, etc.".

If you prefer to install beautifully and simply, then install the reversing image;

If you are used to observing the rearview mirror and want to have a cue-assisted parking, then you can choose the reversing radar;

If you feel that you need two-fold installation protection, you need to install video reversing radar if you need video and sound functions.

Having said that, radar and reversing images still have to be installed according to the actual situation. Some drivers can easily reverse the car by simply using the two mirrors on the left and right sides of the car.


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