What's the meaning for Red/Yellow/Green line of reversing camera

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In order to facilitate parking, many people choose a car with reversing images, and this feature has become a favorite of novice drivers. From the rearview mirrors, reversing radars, and reversing images on the car to the current 360 panoramic image, the auxiliary devices on the car are more and more advanced. Then, the most common reversing image we have now will see a few yellow lines, red lines, green lines or all-blue lines when reversing. So what do these lines mean? Let's talk about it today.

The reversing video image is equipped with a reversing camera at the rear of the car. When the reverse gear is engaged, the system will automatically turn on the camera at the rear of the car and display the rear condition on the LCD screen of the central control or rear view mirror. The principle is actually very simple, but mainly in the three colors of the line, master the meaning they represent, can better help you complete the reverse.

1. Green line

The location of the green line is the farthest from the car, about 2 meters away, then you can rest backward with confidence.

2. Yellow line

When you reach the yellow line, don't be afraid. The distance between the bottom of the line and the rear of the line is about 1 meter. Although you can't touch the object, you have to pay a little attention. When you stop, you must slowly step on the brakes. Slowly. Reversing.

3. Red line

Red is very familiar to us, can play a warning role, can be regarded as a warning line, the position of the bottom of the line is 30 cm away from the rear of the car, it is not appropriate to reverse. At this time, it is better to use the reversing radar.

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In addition, there are some reverse track lines. Generally, the solid green line represents the trajectory that the rear wheel can pass when the reverse state is present; the solid red line represents the trajectory of the wheel after the steering wheel is killed.

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Finally, although the reversing image is very easy to use, everyone still has to remember that the reversing image is only an auxiliary configuration. It is unrealistic to rely on it to reverse the vehicle. It is also necessary to combine the rearview mirror and radar to reduce the blind spot and realize safe parking.

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