Solution of Bluetooth pairing for Panasonic vehicle pushing friction-free vehicle

Panasonic Automotive is a leading global provider of automotive infotainment systems and networked systems solutions.

Panasonic car (Panasonic Automotive) has launched a safer and more convenient new friction-free (Friction Free Connectivity) solution that will automatically pair owners' mobile devices to their vehicles, according to foreign media. Panasonic Automotive is a leading global provider of automotive infotainment systems and networked systems solutions.

According to (IQS, Initial Quality Study), a 2018 JD Powers survey of new car quality, Bluetooth connectivity is the second most common problem in a new car. Panasonic found that the existing connectivity problems include the complexity of the technology in the initial pairing process, connection maintenance and overall safety issues.

Panasonic's friction-free connection solution, equipped with Bluetooth via the Wi-Fi, requires only one smartphone application to complete security settings at once. New owners can register in a smartphone app through a simple login process and then use the vehicle identification number (VIN) to establish the right to use the vehicle, a setting that is expected to increase the acquisition rate of today's hands-free devices. The solution can be integrated into today's vehicle manufacturer's applications, even into car sharing and rental applications for automatic Bluetooth pairing during travel.

This friction-free connection pairing solution can trust users and vehicles in the form of passwords, so the security is enhanced, and it is difficult to accidentally connect to the wrong vehicle and so on.

U.S. municipal authorities issue tickets to drivers who use mobile phones while driving, and 16 states have passed laws requiring hands-free technology while driving, and seven states have imposed restrictions on the use of mobile phones while driving. But even with restrictions, 60 percent of drivers still use mobile phones while driving, according to the distraction driving Institute by Zendrive in 2019.

Jeffrey Zellen, senior engineering manager at Panasonic, said: "Today, Bluetooth is almost standard, and 86 percent of new cars are equipped with Bluetooth. However, the complexity of the pairing platform hinders the adoption of Bluetooth technology, leading to the existence of distracted driving. The solution we developed is not only safe, but also a one-off pairing solution, which is easy for drivers to use.


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