Take stock of the top 10 luxury car machine systems: the more conservative the ABB leads?

German "conservative", in the industry has become a consensus, but in the field of on-board interconnection technology, "conservative" Germans are far ahead of the industry.

With the development of technology in the field of human-computer interaction, the on-board multimedia systems of the major manufacturers are also upgrading rapidly. In addition to retaining their own brand characteristics, they are constantly optimizing in interface design, functional expansion and simplification of operational logic, and so on. As an important part of the cost of car purchase, more and more consumers have taken the comprehensive performance of vehicle system as one of the factors affecting their car purchase decision. This edition of the list of technology will be listed on the market of 10 mainstream luxury models of the machine system.


One, Mercedes-Benz

Latest system name: MBUX

Representative Model: 2019 Beijing Mercedes-Benz Class A

At the 2018 CES show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a new generation of multimedia interactive system, MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), subsequently launched its first new A-Class with the system, while the V177 three-compartment version was marketed in China in November 2018.)


As a brand-new family design of Mercedes-Benz, the series layout of the LCD instrument center control screen not only strengthens the sense of technology in the car, but also shows a salute to the brand's initial products.

On the contrary, the Beijing Mercedes-Benz A-Class, with a dual 10.25-inch screen in the middle and above versions, and the "central control screen" supports touch operation, and a shortcut key with features such as a handwritten board and a "menu" is designed under the central console. To adapt to different habits of the user.

It is worth mentioning that the keys on both sides of the steering wheel can operate the full LCD instrument and the central control screen respectively. To a certain extent, the system can realize the driver "do not take off" the operation of the vehicle machine, and further improve the driving safety.

In terms of functionality, in addition to supporting traditional car Bluetooth connection and navigation functions, MBUX also added third-party APP, such as WeChat, Dianping and Himalayan FM, cool music. In particular, the vehicle WeChat can connect the vehicle as a "friend" to the mobile phone, which can be used to transmit the navigation information to the car machine.

In addition, thanks to the introduction of the concept of accounting, the MBUX system can preserve the personalized settings of different drivers, and reduce the time of re-setting the system after the driver is replaced.

Of course, the most impressive is its embedded LINGUATRONIC voice system, which, unlike the traditional way of pressing the shortcut key, requires drivers to wake up the voice system by simply saying "Hello, Benz." And its outstanding intelligence and recognition performance, even with "I want to eat ramen" and other natural language, to identify the intention of the operator. More advanced, the system can learn from itself in daily use to enhance tacit understanding with the owner.

In addition, all liquid crystal instruments can also synchronize navigation information, optimizing their practical performance.


Two, Audi.

Latest system name: MMI

Representativecar: 2019 FAW-Volkswagen Audi  A6L


With the arrival of the new Audi A8 in the domestic market, the new MMI system named MIB2 was introduced into China, and the new A7 and A6L models were replaced one after another and even realized the domestic A7 and A6L models, all of which were equipped with the latest version of the MMI system.

The "left-middle-down" three-screen layout, including full LCD meters, has not only become the most intuitive feature of the system, but also deepened the Audi brand's tone-the sense of technology.

Take, for example, the 2019 FAW-Volkswagen Audi A6L, which has a three-screen size of 12.3in, 10.1in and 8.6in, with both the middle and bottom screens being touch-operated. It is worth noting that depending on the configuration of the vehicle, the driving mode selection and the front / rear windshield defrosting function are operated by touch or solid button respectively.

As the latest version of the Audi MMI series, the cancellation of the navigation panel's "MIB2" is the most concise MMI system ever made, and even the air-conditioning interface has been integrated into the touch screen.

Thanks to the mechanical components behind the screen that produce vibration effects, the new MMI system provides "touch", "click" and "long press" feedback that maximizes the operational texture of solid buttons at the touch and hearing levels. The display position of the in-screen icon can be freely adjusted after the long press to meet the personalized "custom" of the driver.

On the contrary, the software itself not only integrates multimedia and navigation functions, but also synchronizes navigation and other information to liquid crystal meters, but also supports two mobile phone interconnection systems, Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife, which provides the possibility for function expansion.

In addition, the menu structure of the new MMI is much simpler than the previous ones, such as the "setup" feature provided in the submenus so that drivers can adjust the information related to the interface, while the operation is dominated by the "click" or "slide" mode. The visual effect is high-end and easy to use.

The disadvantage is that although the system supports the function of speech recognition, it only supports the mode of communication which is more "templating" at present, and can not realize the effect of using natural speech.


Three, BMW.

Latest system name: iDrive 7.0

Representative model: 2019 BMW X5


The new generation of BMW X5, named G05, is the most forward-looking reason for BMW's technical input on the car.

As the most important part of the highlights of the new technology, the iDrive7.0 system, which includes natural language recognition, is enough to brighten the eye. The combination of a full LCD meter and a double 12.3-inch screen in the middle is rare in BMW's current product camp.

At the same time, with the possession of a large screen, the new X5 interior and technology sense has been enhanced, but compared to the competitive model, the new X5 interior modeling "subversive" slightly inadequate.

Objectively, the new iDrive system has slightly similar layouts to previous versions: areas such as air-conditioning systems, radio favorites and knob control panels still retain physical buttons, although LCD screens are added to the front air-conditioning outlets. Not only that, BMW introduced touch operation for the center control screen for the first time, and combined with the knob control panel of the lower hand input, it should have reduced the degree of the upper hand to varying degrees.

In addition to the CarPlay mobile phone interconnection function, the instrument and the central control screen interaction and more intuitive operating interface, the iDrive7.0 system also added "cloud account", the driver can enter the password way through the key, mobile phone or in the car. Synchronize your rear-view mirror, steering wheel and seat settings stored in the cloud to the vehicle. In addition, the new system also supports specific gestures and two custom gesture operations in 5 to cater to different user habits.

The most important thing is that the new X5 can realize RSU remote software upgrade, which is different from the familiar OTA upgrade. In addition to supporting the on-board entertainment system upgrade, RSU can also update the whole vehicle firmware including the powertrain.


Four, Land Rover.

Latest system name: InControl Touch Pro Duo

Representative vehicle: 2019 range Rover Star vein


For some consumers, Land Rover's latest InControl Touch Pro Duo system may not be new, thanks to its mid-double 10-inch touch screen design, and the impressive technology and simplicity of the range Rover's interior.

However, as seen in the figure, there are still three "Two and a small" of solid knobs in the middle and lower screen. the multi-function key patterns and the distribution on both sides of the steering wheel follow the design style of the road-tiger family, only the keys which are independent of each other are integrated and introduced into the touch-control operation, and the logic of the two sides respectively for the setting of the instrument panel and the cruise system is not changed, And the instrument panel may display the navigation path information.

In addition, the range Rover Starpulse models sold in China, only the SE and HSE specifications are standard with 12.3-inch LCD meters, the remaining versions need to be selected.

According to the editor, the logic of the Land Rover InControl Touch Pro Duo system is very clear. The upper screen is responsible for displaying information such as navigation, Bluetooth phone, CarPlay mobile phone interconnection and entertainment. Under the main interface, shortcuts are designed for commonly used functions such as return, maps, and panoramic images. UI is not novel, but it is not difficult to start with, and the screen can be adjusted from multiple angles, which alleviates the reflective problem of wide screen to a certain extent.

By contrast, the "innovation" of the lower screen, which integrates a multi-way selection system and numerous comfort settings, is more substantial, while the larger knobs on both sides include seat heating, massage and temperature adjustment settings. And volume adjustment and mute function is still a solid button design, the pursuit of integration, but also takes into account the practicality.

In the area of remote control, the "InControl" system can monitor vehicle status reconciliation / locking vehicles by presetting air conditioners on smart mobile devices, and not confined to "mobile phones", the iWatch can also do so. If there is any slot between the system and the screen, I'm afraid the fingerprint collector will be hammered.


Five, Lexus.

Latest system name: Remote Touch

Representative: 2018 Lexus ES


As the Lexus brand's first TNGA-based model, the new ES is a refreshing look and feel.

Of course, the asymmetric design of the center console, while retaining the consistent stability of the ES car system, its visual impact is even more difficult to achieve. On the other hand, with the exception of the sports-oriented 260F SPORT model equipped with 8-inch full LCD meters, the other models only provide 7-inch LCD meters, and only the top-equipped models can enjoy the 12.3-inch central control screen, which can only be said. Lexus is a bit conservative in catering to the "big screen" trend.

As the Lexus brand's first TNGA-based model, the new ES is a refreshing look and feel.

Of course, the asymmetric design of the center console, while retaining the consistent stability of the ES car system, its visual impact is even more difficult to achieve. On the other hand, with the exception of the sports-oriented 260F SPORT model equipped with 8-inch full LCD meters, the other models only provide 7-inch LCD meters, and only the top-equipped models can enjoy the 12.3-inch central control screen, which can only be said. Lexus is a bit conservative in catering to the "big screen" trend.


Six, Cadillac.

Latest system name: CUE

Representative: 2019 Cadillac CT6


As a mid-term change model, Cadillac CT6,2019, is also updated with the installed CUE interconnection system in addition to the upgrade of the appearance and power assembly.

Depending on the configuration of the vehicle, the combination of the dashboard and the central control screen is still 8 10.2 inches and 12.3 10.2 inches, while the volume adjustment below the central control screen retains sliding operation, while the Hybrid hybrid speech recognition feature. Based on the previous work, the co-pilot voice control is added, so convenience is no longer the driver's patent.

Happily, the system can also synchronize cloud settings after drivers enter the vehicle according to individual accounts, while APP such as NetEase Cloud Music and Amap can also achieve "cloud synchronization" between mobile phones and vehicle machines.

In the editor's view, the 4G WIFI hotspots embedded in the system, CarPlay and CarLife can still be seen as their own bright spot (relative), and long page icons can be customized order of design is also commendable, but no longer the industry's first.

In detail, the 2019 CT6 will block the handwritten panel next to the handle and change it to a control panel composed of knobs and buttons, which are more suitable for "blind exercise" in the middle of the walk. As for synchronous navigation information for all LCD meters, the CT6 can be implemented before the change, but only for path hints rather than "panoramic maps".


VII. Volvo.

Latest system name: SENSUS

Representative: 2019 Volvo XC60


Volvo XC60 is a powerful model in the domestic luxury brand mid-sized SUV market, especially the new generation of models based on SPA platform, which has become the backbone of the brand's rising sales.

After the launch of the new XC60 at the end of 2017, the new model (2019) was introduced in mid-2018, and the brand's emphasis on the domestic market as well as expectations for the performance of the new XC60 market can be seen as well as the addition of all-department products.

The new XC60 interior follows the Volvo brand's latest design style. Although the simplified layout of the central console is highly consistent with the XC90, with the exception of the 8-inch LCD meters for the two starter models across the system, the remaining versions are all 12.3-inch full LCD dashboards. While the 9-inch mid-touch screen is standard, only a small number of solid buttons and knobs are reserved at the bottom of the screen, giving consideration to the advantages of "blind handling" and touch operation.

Volvo's SENSUS system has taken on a whole new look as Volvo takes on a whole new generation. With the vertical 9-inch touch screen, and the air-conditioning system control area integrated in the bottom of the screen, and in the lower edge of the decoration bar into the "HOME" key, and the system UI uses the "three pages" design, a large emphasis on the concept of simplicity and flatness.

According to the display content, the three main screen menus from left to right can be summarized as vehicle functions, common functions and multimedia pages, including active security system switch, navigation, CarPlay mobile phone interconnection and so on. It is worth mentioning that the new SENSUS system incorporates the "driver file" design, can record the seat location of different drivers, air conditioning and radio information, after networking can also download dragonfly FM and WeChat interconnection and other third-party APP,. The latter can send location information to the vehicle and use vehicle navigation to plan the path.

In addition, the recording will be sent to the default mailbox, the instrument and the central control dual-screen interconnection (optional HUD can achieve three-screen interconnection), VOLVO ON CALL and so on) for the brand-new SENSUS system to add a lot of color.



Eight, Lincoln.

Latest system name: SYNC 3

Representative: 2019 Lincoln MKC

As a mid-term model, the 2019 Lincoln MKC, while changing its family appearance, is still the third-generation SYNC system, except that its interior layout is basically consistent with the old model, and the multimedia and air-conditioning control areas are distinct. And the family characteristics of the key-type shift, in the same-class models are rare.

On the hardware side, the 10.1-inch LCD instrument and the 8-inch mid-touch screen are fully equipped with solid buttons and knobs with functions such as pitch section, track switching and FM.

It is important to note that the air-conditioning outlet mode needs to be adjusted by screen touch and is not placed in the key area. In contrast to the functional performance of the system, thanks to its support for two mainstream mobile phone interconnection systems, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, its performance in mobile phone mapping and entertainment expansion is commendable, as well as the use of data lines to connect the mobile phone. Self-identification of QQ music and Himalayan FM and other third-party APP, should be sufficient for daily travel.

In addition, owners can complete maintenance reservations, unlock and remotely start the vehicle through the APP, a mobile phone called Lincoln Road.

Nine, Tesla

Latest system name: Tesla v9.0 system

Representative Model: Model 3 (announced at Price and reserved Open)


Looking back at the fact that Tesla MODEL S has just entered China, as a pure electric car with a long life and an "alternative" design concept, the impact it brings to us is far from being confined to the visual level, but is close to the vertical touch screen of the magnified version of the iPad. No matter in hardware size, system UI or operation logic, it is incomparable to the traditional automobile at that time.

Just this year, Tesla's latest model, the MODEL 3, is about to start a trip to China. Unlike the current MODEL S and MODEL X models, the MODEL 3 is not equipped with the "dashboard" behind the steering wheel. In-car information display and functional operation through the middle of the 15-inch touch screen to complete.

Of course, we should pay more attention to the v9.0 system officially pushed by Tesla at the end of last year. In addition to retaining the "basic" functions of the previous version of the network radio, navigation, web browsing and OTA upgrades, the "9.0" version of the UI has also been upgraded: it has features such as an energy management program for the MODEL 3 model. The Calendar is able to synchronize information such as meetings or navigation within the phone via Bluetooth.

Moreover, the new system has eliminated the previous split screen design; the map data source has been changed to "Tencent Map" and added the mobile phone interconnection function; the sub-menu bar has been reduced twice to optimize the convenience; The air conditioning control interface is simplified, and the tuning function is introduced into the radio, which makes up for the deficiency of the previous system.

Finally, Musk's Christmas model and Yadali games are embedded in the new system, and it's good to be used to ease the fatigue of the journey or pass the time.



Ten, Wei Lai

Latest system name: NOMI

On behalf of the car: 2018 Ullion ES8


Compared with Tesla MODEL 3, ES8 is obviously closer to the conventional sense of "car", at least in the use of simple lines and highly integrated design. In order to give consideration to the sense of technology and luxury atmosphere, ES8 is not inferior to Tesla.

Similar to the mainstream models sold in the market, the ES8 also uses a combination of full LCD meters and a central touch screen, which are 8.8in in size and 10.4in in size, and provide shortcut keys with functions such as home menu and volume adjustment under the central control screen. To cater to the current consumer use habits.

ES8's central control screen interface logic is clear, such as vehicle setup, air conditioning system and ADAS related functions, can be opened or set by touch, as long as can play tablet computer, the operation of ES8 is not a big problem.

In addition, after selecting the HUD head-up display system, navigation path guidance and other information can also be upgraded from "dual-screen interconnection" to "three-screen interconnection", but the "hard core" strength of ES8 is far more than that.

ES8's central control screen interface logic is clear, such as vehicle setup, air conditioning system and ADAS related functions, can be opened or set by touch, as long as can play tablet computer, the operation of ES8 is not a big problem.

In addition, after selecting the HUD head-up display system, navigation path guidance and other information can also be upgraded from "dual-screen interconnection" to "three-screen interconnection", but the "hard core" strength of ES8 is far more than that.



With the rapid development of vehicle electronic technology, it is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the development of vehicle machine system in the aspects of functionality, intelligence and convenience. In this chapter, we can see that the traditional car companies attach importance to the field and the "change of mind" around the product.

However, unlike our conventional belief, the most conservative Germans we recognize are far ahead of the industry in the "battle for interconnections" in cars. Systems such as Benz MBUX and Audi MMI, mentioned in the article, have come up with more new concepts and put them into practice than their competitors (but not impeccable).

It is true that the progress of the BBA troika in innovation and technology can be illustrated by the theory of sales support, but we still have to think about the deep-seated enterprise logic behind this "unconventional" phenomenon.

In contrast, the new car-building forces represented by new car companies such as Tesla and Ulai did indeed do even more bolder in terms of the innovation of car machines that revolved around the consumer experience. And it has brought us a lot of new designs that deserve recognition (such as the NOMI), which illustrates the future of the car), and the adoption of user thinking to design products will undoubtedly be more pleasing to consumers.

In the future, high-intensity market competition is bound to become the norm, innovation ability will become the proof to consider whether a brand has market access qualifications or not, and the automobile industry, which once had a high threshold, will gradually lower the threshold of competition. Rely on design and service refinement to create a complete competitive chain, and the car is the most important part of the chain.


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