CAN bus: the Core part of Automotive Electronics

The automotive electronics industry is rising quietly in Nanjing. Fourteen joint ventures with NAC set up Nanjing Tianqi Automotive Electronics Company. The North Information Industry Group also regards automotive electronics as the strategic focus for future development. Both enterprises take CAN bus, the core part of automotive electronics, as the development direction.

It is introduced that CAN bus is a transmission system which connects the data of various electronic parts on the automobile. Automotive electronics typically account for 20% of total vehicle costs and 30% of total vehicle costs, while in high-end cars, that proportion has risen to about 70%. At present, domestic automotive electronics are basically dependent on imports, market share of hundreds of billions of yuan. With the advantage of original electronic R & D, 14 enterprises in our city enter the field of automobile electronics R & D and manufacture from a high starting point, and are taking our auto parts industry chain to the high end of the technology. This step is ahead of our domestic counterparts.


MG will be equipped with auto electronic products developed independently by Nanjing

In 2003, 14 of them were involved in the field of automotive electronics, and navigator was its first mature product. In 2005, 14 of them began the research and development of CAN bus, and last year was an important turning point. It teamed up with NAC Group to establish Nanjing Tianqi Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., which is our city's first professional automotive electronics R & D and manufacturing company, 14 relative control.

"with the MG platform, we can go deeper into the development of the CAN bus. We are now working with NAC engineers to assimilate, absorb, and reinvent MG's technology. " Zhu Bingyuan, executive deputy general manager of 14 companies and general manager of SkyRock, said the MG Mingyue 3 series sedan will use SkyRock's electronic products.

In addition to being used on MG cars, SkyRock's CAN bus has been applied to heavy trucks such as heavy steam, Hongyan, Jianghuai, and has set up an automotive electronics engineering center, which plans to apply for more than five automotive electronics patents this year.


The target annual sales of the two companies are 4.5 billion yuan

Compared with 14, the North Information Industry Group entered the automotive electronics field a little later, but both companies have a rather rich accumulation in electronic research and development, which is also a high starting point. Yang Yongzhong, deputy general manager of the Group, said: "Automotive electronics is the key development direction of the Group's Eleventh five-year Plan. After the Spring Festival this year, the automotive electronics project officially started, and the CAN bus system has been successfully developed and will take commercial vehicles as the breakthrough. A gradual transition to passenger cars will be available in bulk by the end of this year. "

Yang Yongzhong said the company invested hundreds of millions of yuan in automotive electronics research and development, the goal is to become a domestic car research and development, production, testing center. Plans are under way to work with world-renowned automotive electronics companies to make mass production, which will lead to a sales target of 1 billion-2 billion yuan a year.


"SkyRock's development goal is to have the core technology of automotive electronics and enter the first camp of domestic industry." Zhu Bingyuan is also confident, he said, SkyRock's target is to generate 2.5 billion yuan in sales revenue by 2010.

According to the development plan of the automobile parts industry chain of our city, at the end of the Eleventh five-year Plan, our city will realize the sales income of 60 billion yuan, the automobile electronics will be one of the important poles, but also the higher added value part.


Strive to develop domestic standards for automotive electronics

Nowadays, there are more and more electronic control systems and communication systems used in the automobile, from the visible multimedia systems such as DVD, navigator to the engine electronic control system, automatic transmission control system, anti-lock braking system (ABS),. Automatic cruise system such as (ACC), these are the category of automotive electronics. Between these systems, between the system and the display instrument of the car, between the system and the automobile fault diagnosis system, there is a need for data exchange, such a huge amount of data exchange is accomplished through the CAN bus.

CAN bus has a high demand for technology. At present, its technical standards are basically in the hands of foreign companies. That is to say, the related automotive electronic products produced by domestic manufacturers must be restricted by foreign standards. Fourteen have now targeted at the formulation of domestic standards for automotive electronics, once they have their own standards, will certainly drive other automotive electronic products, forming a high-value-added industrial chain.


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