Tencent issues the "ecological vehicle networking" solution, and the on-board WeChat is on the ground.

Tencent's access to the auto industry is the service and application.
If one day, the car can be connected to a large-scale network, the support force of the vehicle hardware to the service and the application is greatly improved, the automatic driving technology is popularized and the user is liberated, what will be the possibility that the vehicle can actually generate explosive value in the vehicle?

There is no doubt that it will be a service and an application. With the development and popularization of the intelligent network technology, the user's experience and service requirements are becoming more and more high with the development and popularization of the intelligent network technology, and this is also the opportunity of Tencent in the automobile industry.

At present, in the automobile industry, BAT has been unable to ignore the existence, the first two have formed their own technical route, Baidu's main attack on autopilot, the launch of the Apollo system, Ali is the main vehicle system. Join forces with zebra network to launch zebra intelligent driving system.

Compared with Baidu Ali, Tencent in the car networking and autopilot layout is late, in a weak position. However, Tencent has opened up its own unique path in the automobile circle based on its natural social attributes, huge user base, and massive content platform, that is, it does not do vehicle systems and hardware, but only provides lightweight, ecological and cross-platform. Cross-end scheme, to be the implementation of digital upgrading of the automotive industry.

A few days ago, at the Intelligent Travel Forum of Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference held in Kunming, Zhong Xiangping, vice president in charge of travel business, and Zhong Xuedan, vice president of Tencent Automotive Services, Su Kuifeng, general manager of Tencent's autopilot business, and other senior executives explained in detail Tencent's layout in the automotive industry, as well as the current development results of the intelligent travel business.

Among them, Tencent Automotive Services put forward the industry value proposition of the evolution of people-centered "ecological vehicle networking" on the basis of his business layout of "four horizontal, two vertical and one China Taiwan", and issued the solution of "ecological vehicle networking". The content service of Tencent system and third party is connected into the car organically.
At the same time, Tencent will also integrate small scenes (Mini Programs) and on-board WeChat in the solution. The small scene is specially aimed at the developer, the vehicle WeChat faces the user.
In addition, Tencent has made practical progress in autopilot, intelligent travel and so on. Self-driving, Tencent from the original more biased research to the actual landing, has been with a number of car companies to carry out specific cooperation. Smart travel, Tencent has been online in more than 110 cities its ride code, users have more than 70 million and so on.

In fact, Tencent had previously been an assistant to digital upgrades to its position in the automotive industry, and it was not until the conference that it once again made it clear that it wanted to be the implementers of digital upgrades in the automotive industry. Based on this, it is not difficult to see that Tencent's layout in the automotive sector has begun to land.

The implementer of the digital upgrading of the auto industry
Compared with autopilot, Tencent's genes are more suitable for car networking content ecological service.

In 2017, Tencent Automotive Services first released the AI in Car smart car solution, in 2018, upgraded to a new TAI (Tencent Auto Intelligence) automotive intelligent system, and formed the "four horizontal, two vertical and one China Taiwan" overall strategic framework.

The so-called four-horizontal, it is the four business matrices in the field of line, including Tencent's car-link, and Tencent's automatic driving, Tencent location service, Tencent riding code, this is the basic platform for Tencent to help the industry to upgrade; One of the one refers to the Tencent AI and the Tencent cloud, which provides the bottom-level guarantee for the business matrix.

In the wisdom travel sub-forum, the vice president of Tencent, Zhong Xuedan, said that the "ecological vehicle networking" of evolution will be put forward on the basis of the overall strategic framework of the four horizontal and vertical one.

"Ecological vehicle networking" has four core evolutionary directions. First, people-centered, Tencent hopes to combine the deep perception of the trinity of people, cars and roads, take the initiative to discover the needs of users and push the corresponding services. From "thousands of people" to "thousands of people and thousands of people", from "people looking for service" to "service looking for people" evolution.

Second, full-time online, Tencent pays through super-ID and WeChat to realize cross-scene, full-time interconnection across terminals, and seamless digital experience before/ in/ after traffic. Third, with the automobile industry partner to grind, let the rich content service ecology be fully matched with the on-board scene, the organic combination. And the invention provides a vehicle-mounted application framework which is mutually innovative and convenient for development, and promotes the application of ecological prosperity.

Based on the above four evolution directions, Tencent Automotive Services once again upgraded the TAI intelligent system and launched the "ecological vehicle networking solution", which provides a lightweight, ecological, cross-platform and cross-terminal tool chain. Help partners build eco-vehicle networking. In this solution, Tencent integrates scene engine, small scene, on-board WeChat and other functions, thus connecting cars, people and developers.

Among them, the scene engine is based on the ability of Tencent super ID,AI, big data and LBS to realize the intelligent matching of user interest, car-side scene and service application, and the initiative push of personalized service through scene perception.

For example, in the parking scene, the launch of illegal parking warning function. When the vehicle perceives the operation that the owner is about to stop, it can combine LBS, traffic data and parking service data to warn the user of the risk of parking sticker, and guide the owner to a safe parking place and so on.

Secondly, the company also provides the super-ID and the on-board WeChat payment ability, and through the mobile phone-vehicle-intelligent equipment and other terminals, the "full-time on-line" of the service is realized. For example, the mobile phone and the car-on-board collection song can be synchronized, and the user can continue to listen to the electric station program that is heard at home in the morning. Get a cup of coffee with the on-board voice assistant in the car, get out of the car and arrive at the office in sync with the coffee.
In addition, Tencent another blockbuster product, car WeChat, also sent the latest news, according to reports, vehicle WeChat is also integrated into the "ecological vehicle networking solution."
Zhong Xuedan said in interviews with a number of media that WeChat on board is mainly tailored to driving scenes and can provide WeChat message initiation and voice calls based on full voice interaction. And, combined with on-board hardware, through the steering wheel button, you can give instructions by one button.

The on-board Wechat is customized for the driving scene, and provides a full-voice interaction-based Wechat messaging and voice call function. The user only moves the mouth, and the messaging can be completed without hands-on. Wechat WeChat. At the same time, the on-board Wechat service can be connected with the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, the car is automatically logged in, the vehicle is automatically disconnected, and the position can be received on the WeChat, and the navigation can be initiated quickly.

At present, Tencent has reached a partnership with 19 car companies, and 45 models have been or are coming to the ground, and more than 300 head-level eco-partners have served their owners.

On the basis of "ecological vehicle networking solution", the cooperation mode between Tencent and car enterprise partners is also expanding, deepening, and opening cooperation in automobile cloud, travel service, smart 4S store and so on. For the automotive industry transformation to provide coverage of "manufacturing-sales-travel-after-sale" life cycle support.

From autopilot to smart city
Although Tencent's gene is more suitable for car networking, its ability to automatically drive is not allowed.

In recent years, the integration of the vehicle networking and the automatic driving has opened the prologue of the intellectualization of the automobile. In the future, the automatic driving will not be a simple travel tool, but an intelligent mobile terminal, which in turn will evolve into an ecological terminal in the era of the Internet of Everything.

Based on this, Tencent driving general manager Su Kuifeng said Tencent's role in autopilot is software and service providers. At the same time, for Tencent, the development of autopilot technology is not only to solve the basic driving skills, but also to layout intelligent travel and smart cities.

The specific operation is to use the relevant technology of automatic driving to obtain the data, and to build up the data technology of Tencent in the cloud, simulation and other users, so as to boost the land and development of the smart city and the intelligent traffic and other intelligent life.

In fact, while Tencent officially entered the auto-driving field in 2016, with its own capacity in high-precision map direction, the whole company is in the car networking, big data, cloud platform, deep learning, multi-source information fusion sensing and positioning, With the technical advantages of high-precision map production and application, a development platform integrating automatic driving product R & D, testing and evaluation and verification is built, and a complete automatic driving technology solution and an open platform support capability are provided.

At the scene, the Suquepeak mainly introduced its simulation platform. Simulation simulation is a necessary means for the development and verification of the automatic driving core algorithm. The automatic driving laboratory of Tencent uses the Unreal Engine and the self-research engine, combined with the high-precision map, the laser point cloud and the visual data, and makes full use of the technology accumulation of the Tencent in the game field, realizes the simulation environment construction of the 3D real-scene, and completes the perfect combination of the virtual reality and the reality.

At the same time, using various data and virtual simulation technology, Tencent established the virtual road condition and the traffic scene, realized the computer vision algorithm based on depth study, and based on the decision-making algorithm data generation and algorithm training of the enhanced learning. So as to get through the closed loop in the simulation system, and can realize the test and verification of the 360 degree undead angle of the automatic driving system.

It is precisely because of these microscopic traffic information and the location of the city that the simulation platform can also be extended to the virtual city. According to Su Kuifeng, under the support of such a system, Tencent will superimpose between virtual and real, change the traffic environment by adding, deleting and changing, and verify the autopilot function in this traffic environment.

In addition, generally speaking, the simulation of autopilot is generally some of the environments around the car, and based on these surrounding environments, based on the city simulation, Tencent can also abstract more advanced macro simulation, and based on these macro simulation data, It can support the development of intelligent transportation.

Of course, in addition to the automatic driving core algorithm and the high-precision map, the simulation platform can provide assistance to the development of the automatic driving field of the Tencent, and the 5G is also one of the important technologies in the automatic driving field.

It is understood that the technology innovation and application exploration of the force of 5 G will be started by the end of 2017. Tencent's future network lab, the first focused 5G technology and application research team of the Chinese Internet company, has now set up the first 5G commercial experimental network of the global Internet company.

According to Su Kui-feng, Tencent mainly uses 5G technology and corresponding sensing equipment to get the information of the road section, including the parking lot, the road environment, the weather, the traffic facilities change and so on, and realize the factory-end support through the 5G network. The linkage is realized at the factory end and the vehicle end, and the fusion of the perception, the decision, the planning and the system is realized.

In fact, whether the factory side or the car side, ultimately need the support of the cloud, in addition to providing the most basic storage capacity, Tencent's factory and cloud information will be optimized for the overall system, supporting the entire scheduling, forming clouds, factories, The digitization of the trinity of the end.

In addition, in the core field of technology, it is essentially based on autopilot technology for digital switching, precisely because of the digitization of the cloud, the factory, the end, and the information obtained by the factory is transmitted to the cloud through 5G technology. The virtual world which is completely parallel to the real world is constructed. Through the connection of 5G, the physical space is opened up, and the transmission and interaction of information with low delay are realized.

At present, the automobile industry has entered the eve of change, technology giants have relying on their own advantages and technology accumulation into this industry, Tencent is no exception.

As stated at the beginning of the article, Tencent has a natural advantage in the automotive industry. At present, Tencent has 1.1 billion users on WeChat alone, and it has been directly serving users in social, video, audio, entertainment, games and other fields for more than 20 years. In the near future, when the car becomes a mobile intelligent terminal, it will become mainstream to create customized services for users based on user experience. Tencent brings its huge user size and experience into the travel field, in a way, it will certainly enhance the competitiveness of its partners.

In terms of technology, Tencent's investment in recent years has also had obvious results.

First, AI technology, especially computer vision, in the course of the AI sub-forum, Tencent YouTu Lab, a prominent scientist, Jia Jiaya said that autopilot will be the main starting point of computer vision in the future. Jia Jiaya said that the technical challenges in this field are exciting.

Secondly, Tencent Cloud. In this regard, it is reported that relying on Tencent's more than 1 million server clusters and up to 100T bandwidth, Tencent's intelligent travel business has created a perfect automotive cloud service, which not only supports various service models such as PAAS,SAAS,DAAS. At the same time, it also has excellent compatibility, which can be compatible with the vehicle models with different vehicle networking systems and different digital management systems. At the same time, based on the car cloud, Tencent has also created a complete set of travel service solutions with intelligent scheduling, path planning and other capabilities in the cloud, which can help car enterprises quickly deploy shared travel services. .

Finally, it is 5G technology. It is understood that Tencent began to contribute 5 gigabytes of technological innovation and application exploration at the end of 2017. Tencent Future Network Laboratory, the first Chinese Internet company to focus on 5G technology and application research team, has established the first 5G commercial experimental network of global Internet companies. Committed to promoting the establishment of vehicle networking V2X architecture based on edge computing. And actively participate in 5G standardization work, and hope to "application-driven 5G network evolution", participate in the formulation of international standards.

In this sub-forum, Tencent also issued a white paper on collaborative innovation of 5G vehicles, and also officially opened the application and development of the 5G vehicle-way collaborative open-source platform and the power-aid vehicle networking technology.

However, while Tencent has its own unique advantage in the auto industry, it comes in a light-weight application to the automotive turn, making it a car road that is different from the other tech giants. However, the intelligence and automation of the present stage are still in the primary stage, and many of the tech giants are also in the automobile industry according to their core technology, and how to stand out in the fierce competition is still worth looking forward.



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