Multimedia Audio-visual expert SAIC Volkswagen Tharu Tu Yueh to expand your sensory experience

With the improvement of the daily use frequency of the vehicle, the automobile plays a more and more important role in the daily commuting, the transfer of friends and family travel. In the case of a car owner, it is possible to enjoy an interesting ride in a limited range of mobile living spaces, which will effectively reduce the pressure from life and work. With the digital visual field and the humanized digital listening field, the SAIC Volkswagen Tharu has brought the user intelligent and convenient, pure and beautiful sensory experience, and one-time multimedia audio-visual expert's color.

Digital Vision and the Beauty of connected Science and Technology
When the new generation of consumers buy the SUV, they often hope that the technology configuration is both trendy and stylish. Tharu Tulyue has a 10.2-inch digital instrument leading the way in the same-class models, and the interior has a strong sense of technology. The resolution of the digital instrument reaches 1280x480, the precision is up to 133dpi. the visual effect is excellent. At the same time, it has rich display content, supports classic driving mode, big stage mode and special view display mode. By operating the multi-function keys on the steering wheel, the owner can switch the display mode with the heart to make the driving process more pleasing to the eye.
For the new generation who grew up with the Internet, "Interconnection with the World, Carnival with Technology" is an indispensable belief in their lives. Tharu Tu Yueh is equipped with an 8-inch multimedia entertainment navigation system to humanize it. Intelligent to meet the user's interconnection needs, so that users in the car to maintain the "on-line" status. The system supports multi-touch, natural voice control, mobile phone mapping, real-time road navigation and other functions. In addition, through the mobile phone with the navigation version of APP and the system connected, users can also achieve walking navigation, map upgrade, my itinerary, address sending four practical functions, between the touch of the fingertip screen to feel human-computer communication The beauty of each other.

To enjoy the pure sensory journey of the digital listening field
In fast-paced life, music is the best company to find a way to get along with yourself. As a world-renowned sound brand, Beats customized sound system for Tharu Tue Yueh, with 6 speakers and 1 subwoofer, with 400 W power output. The system applies the valuable experience of musicians in recording studios to sound tuning, and when it restores good sounds around the world, it releases excellent sound quality and sound effects full of power and rhythm, allowing users to enjoy wonderful melodies in the car. Enjoy the pleasure of driving.
Of course, Tharu Tu Yueh knows what you want to hear, much more what you want to say. It is equipped with the intelligent configuration of iFLYTEK AI Voice Cloud Assistant, and the accuracy of speech recognition in quiet environment is as high as 95%. Even if the owner speaks Mandarin with a local accent, it can still smoothly get.. Therefore, no matter in the dilemma of "dare to ask where the road is" or want to use music to give the journey a bit of freshness, the car owner only needs to wake it up through "Hello, Voice Assistant", and say that the specific needs, that is, can control navigation, play multimedia, and so on. Realize and love car barrier-free dialogue, easy to meet the driving process of a variety of needs.
With the strength of multimedia audio-visual experts, Tharu has created an extraordinary sensory experience and set a new benchmark for mainstream SUV technology, which will bring consumers a higher quality of SUV driving life.



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