The most intelligent models of Harvard brand are on the market, the sensitivity of vehicle and machine system is not inferior to that of mobile phone.

The F7x Ultimate Technology Edition represents the highest level of science and technology for current Harford products.

After eight months on the market and sales of 100000 vehicles, the Harvard F7x, which focuses on the young market, launched an extremely intelligent version of its model. As its version name says, this is the smartest car under the current Harford brand.

The car's chassis is restricted to travel, and the SUV can't break the traditional exterior shape, so the Great Wall turned the Hafer F7x into a sedan. In the words of the Great Wall, the F7x is a collection of three models, "car, sports car, SUV." the F7x Ultimate Technology Edition simultaneously introduces 1.5T and 2.0T engine versions, together with the 7DCT dual clutch transmission, to make up the powertrain. Among them, the 2.0T engine version of the vehicle can be 100 km acceleration in less than 7.5 seconds.


On-board L2-level automatic driving technology

Similar to the previous product strategy, to cover different consumer groups, the Hafer F7x is divided into the extremely smart play version, the extremely intelligent technology version, and the extremely intelligent sports version. The F7x version is likely to represent the highest level of technology in Harford's products, according to Che Yun, which is one of the hugely high-tech products of the Haver brand. Why?

The F7x of Great Wall is equipped with L2 class automatic driving technology, and the mass production and application of this technology is realized for the first time. At the same time, this is also the Harvard brand in the first time on the technology.

The L2-level autonomous driving technology on the F7x includes intelligent traffic assistance, automatic parking, S-lane maintenance, closed high-speed single-lane intelligent cruise, AEB bicycle system, low-speed congestion assistance, traffic identification and other functions.

Among them, ICA intelligent cruise assistant can realize 60-150km/h lane centered or cruising with vehicle; TSR traffic speed limit recognition, help driver observe road speed limit sign HMA intelligent far and near light aid can realize far and near light automatic switching, ensure driving safety.

Its intelligent automatic parking function, front and rear equipped with a total of 12 radar probes, support parallel parking, vertical parking and so on. The car also has high-definition 360-degree panoramic parking image processing, no dead angle to capture the surrounding scene of the vehicle and through the controller to synthesize 360 °panorama, on the narrow road or parking into the warehouse can be intuitive display of obstacles around the vehicle, more safe and convenient. In addition, support for LCK lane centralization, LKA lane retention, LDW lane departure warning and other S-lane retention functions to ensure that 40-140Km/h unconscious deviation warning and control of vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that the Great Wall F7x is also the only coupe SUV. with a 1.5T engine and L2 auto-driving technology in the same class.

In terms of car networking, the Harvard F 7x is the first Harford brand to carry AI artificial intelligence technology.

It is not just passive control of artificial intelligence speech systems that haudio-videoe researchers proud of. On this basis, the user on the F7x in the connection of the active control. To give a simple example, winter and summer are extremely prone to congestion caused by rain and snow, which can cause users to drive to work longer, such as a 40-minute drive that could increase to 60 minutes. In this case, F7x will prejudge ahead of time, proactively remind the user to leave in advance to ensure that the final arrival time is the same as usual.

In addition, according to the background, the owner uses the arrangement of the big data of the preference, whether in the winter or summer, the vehicle can ensure that the vehicle owner can be in the most comfortable state of the vehicle owner when entering the vehicle.

In other ways, to better meet the needs of today's young consumers, the Harvard F7x extreme technology version with 12.3-inch full-color digital virtual combination instrument and 9-inch HD color screen, can support the central control screen and mobile phones, meter dual screen linkage.

At the same time, the software is also equipped with iFLYTEK artificial intelligence speech system, with a maximum recognition rate of 97% and support for more than 20 dialects. Intelligent voice functions cover communications, multimedia, navigation, weather, consulting, vehicle control and other six categories.

Hardware, can realize the FOTA online upgrade, optimize the user experience, avoid the user to 4S store offline upgrade trouble.

It is worth mentioning that the Harford F7x extreme technology version of the Android 8.0 operating system, the Haver brand even in the field hard core organized a "Honor of Kings" competition through the car machine to prove its sensitivity. It provides T-BOX car networking system, integrated intelligent four-dimensional map new navigation system, online music, intelligent travel, intelligent account, intelligent manual, car worry-free, information and entertainment, intelligent remote control and many other functions.

Perhaps, as its name suggests, the Harvard brand wants to maximize the tech nature of the F7x Ultimate Technology Edition, and this appeal is like a turn around and gradually emerges in other products. Harford may hope that while the product is younger, the outside world will be able to put a "technology" label on the brand.


A global model

The chairman of the long-city car officially announced that the long-city car was going to go out and issue a "Hef5-2-1 Globalization Strategy", from a sales ceremony of 5 million in September last year. The "Get out of here." strategy of the Great Wall is frequently mentioned, either at the Shanghai Auto Show or in other occasions in which a long-city car is in the past eight months.

In terms of global production, Great Wall has invested $500 million in the Russian state of Tula to build the first full-craft auto factory overseas by a Chinese auto company, with an annual capacity of 150000 vehicles. Hafer F7x not only in domestic production, but also in China brand's first overseas full-craft vehicle factory-Hufftura plant put into production. This means that the Hafer F7x will be a global model and the Great Wall will break the traditional rule that it will eliminate vehicles sold overseas, keep pace with the latest products at home and abroad, and further

advance its strategy of globalization.



According to understanding, so far, Harvard F7x eight months on the market, the total order number has reached 100000. For the Harvard brand, the F 7x may be the expectation that it will become the next generation of popular models. For the whole of the Great Wall, as a global product, the F7x may also be able to withstand the test of the world market, to help the Great Wall in the first year of globalization.


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