What kind of change will the car network bring to the future of the car?

Car networking is subverting contemporary automotive technology, has become the brain of automotive wisdom, is the car's second engine, providing a new driving force for intelligent travel.

As a contemporary "social person"

We can't do without smartphones in our lives.

Before smartphones became popular,

People are wondering why mobile phones need to go online.

Unwittingly, surfing the Internet is an indispensable "partner" for mobile phones.

Since the invention of the first car in 1886

The engine-powered car has gone through a history of more than 130 years.

How will the car develop in the next century

Electric, intelligent, and internet will be the direction of the future

The interconnection of cars will become the second engine that exists as well as the car's brain.

It turns out that the interconnection of cars will bring these unexpected changes to the car


Why do cars need to go online?

In the era of interconnection, the interconnection of cars will subvert the traditional functions of the car, carrying the mobile phone can not do, in fact, is the mission of the car networking. For example, it has navigation route, vehicle condition detection, emergency rescue, OTA, virtual key, vehicle remote control, intelligent push service, online music, door remote emergency opening, vehicle location alert, Traffic accident rescue, stolen vehicle positioning and so on. These functions can be achieved only if they are connected to the car


Is the Internet only for cars to access the Internet?

Vehicle networking is to send vehicle information such as vehicle location, speed, driving route and other vehicle information to the cloud platform, and through cloud computing technology, arrange the best driving route for the vehicle, feedback signal light information to the vehicle, and so on, for example, In the era of vehicle interconnection, vehicles passing through the intersection will be more orderly and more efficient, reduce the potential hidden dangers of road congestion and chaos, and achieve the ultimate goal of zero congestion and zero accident.


How does the network help the car intelligentize?

Vehicle networking gives vehicles the ability to connect and exchange information all the time through the network. This kind of information exchange, not only from the cloud platform to obtain information, but also car-to-car information exchange, image said, the car-to-car network allows cars to really have the ability to communicate with their own. And V2X technology is to let the car from the intelligent driving aid, moves to the true intelligent driving technology foundation.

SAIC General Motors (SAIC) is the earliest-starting and user-based vehicle service platform in China. The new generation of SAIC system provides cloud-centric vehicle applications and services, and continues to upgrade iteratively. SAIC has pioneered the launch of the 24-gigabyte annual "OnStar Anji Star Application Traffic for Life-long Free" service, allowing users to bid farewell to "traffic anxiety" and take full advantage of cloud connectivity. At the same time based on Anji's cloud platform, using big data and artificial intelligence technology, the system has been able to provide custom-made intelligent content recommendations, such as reminding the owner's family birthday, pushing the car owner's favorite music, and so on, to make it Can better serve Chinese users.

In a word, the interconnection of cars is not so simple as "car iPad". It has become the second engine of automobile, which promotes the transformation of automobile function and service, and also becomes the necessary condition for automobile to become intelligent.


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