The world's first self-driving electric car Euler R1 unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show

As the work of the Valerian R1 goddess version as the mufti-version strategy of the Valerian brand, the intelligent front-looking system with the automatic braking function of the AEB is mounted, which is the first electric vehicle with the automatic driving technology, and is a curtain for the automatic driving of the domestic electric vehicle. In the future, the product of the Valerian brand will be fully equipped with the L4-level automatic driving technology, and the production can be realized.

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Cool techs applauds, leading the era of automatic driving of electric cars

"Smart City Tour" is the "strongest cool techs" on the Euler booth. Led by Great Wall Automotive, fully integrating the resources of the R & D centers of the United States and India, and cooperating with Baikal and Aweigh, the Euler R1, which has the "i-Pilot Smart pilot" system, can achieve a high degree of self-driving. The driving operation of the vehicle and the real-time monitoring of the surrounding environment are carried out by the system to ensure that the vehicle can cope freely under the complex road environment. As a result, through the high-precision navigation system carried in the vehicle, the user only needs to input the destination, and the others are replaced by the vehicle.

Due to the space restrictions, the exhibition at the scene of this auto show is only the tip of the iceberg of the Euler brand's autopilot technology. In the future, Euler R1 will also help owners to automatically send and receive express delivery, receive takeout automatically, and automatically return to the factory for maintenance and other functions. And will help car owners to automatically match the demand for shared cars, automatic door-to-door car return, so that the plot in science fiction movies will eventually become a reality.


ME platform endorsement to provide possibilities for intelligent internet connectivity and autopilot

Since the beginning of research and development, the first domestic electric vehicle exclusive platform (ME platform) to build the goddess version of Euler R1 has established two major technical directions: intelligent Internet connection and autopilot. The electrical structure is divided into autopilot, audio and video, and body. Power four domains are managed, including mobile phone keys, TJA,AEB,APA,FOTA, intelligent ID and natural speech recognition, which provide a natural advantage for future automatic travel life. So compared with the "oil-to-electricity" model on the market, Euler is more perfect in matching platform and technology, taking the lead in carrying self-driving technology on the car and bringing the electric car to reliability. The 2.0 era.

The Goddess version of Euler R1 can not do without the advantage of the platform to achieve the leading position in self-driving technology. It is equipped with the unique AEB intelligent forward-looking recognition system of the same class, which can monitor the surrounding environment in real time, and quickly identify and judge pedestrians. Any obstacle, such as vehicles, can stop automatically at the speed of 4km/h~40km/h. When the speed is higher than that of 40km/h, the speed of emergency deceleration can be realized and the injury will be avoided. In addition, low-speed pedestrian warning system, fore collision warning, reverse image, ESC electronic stabilization control system and many other active safety functions have not been absent, no matter how complex the road section, goddess also Be able to deal with it with ease.

“Euler R1”的图片搜索结果

In the future, with the help of the upcoming popularization of 5G mobile Internet technology, Great Wall will continue to work in the field of self-driving, build a complete ecosystem of connected cars, empower products, and optimize traffic efficiency in smart cities. Describe a more perfect new scene for automatic travel. "Euler stand" firmly and continuously build the first quality electric car in the world

China's existing electric vehicle market needs high-quality electric models to benefit the majority of consumers. The launch of Euler R1 is a sincere work of Fuller's insight into market demand and concern for the vital interests of consumers. It also shows the "Euler position" of high price-to-price ratio, rational continuation, fashion pro-people, and adherence to science and technology to create high-quality products. Taking small size and 351km as an example, the former is easy to stop and use, which solves the pain point of the difficulty of parking and congestion in the city. The latter is to build a quality electric car non-full scene vehicle positioning, do not blindly pursue the mileage, no high-speed, no inter-city crossing, to achieve commuting and life of the dual life guarantee. Match With the goal of "in China as the global", Euler is on the way to becoming the world's first high-quality electric car, bringing new surprises and experiences to the dissipate by persisting in the research and development of the exclusive platform and not doing the oil-to-electricity core concept of car-building and aiming at the goal of "in China for the global".

Excellent market performance is the most direct manifestation of the outstanding product power and accurate market positioning of Euler R1-in the early spring of March, when subsidies for new energy vehicles were implemented and consumers generally tended to wait for money, Euler R1 rose 118% by 4002 units on a month-on-month basis. Won the new energy A00 class passenger car market first place. In the future, the Eula brand will continue to plough the road of "Oversight" innovation, adhere to the "Euler position", meet the personalized needs of more consumers, and create a new generation of electric cars with taste and connotation. Let Euler R1 create resplendence on the way of the development of the world's first fine electric car.


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