Tesla push vehicle Video playback function and Free Wi-Fi

This feature will take advantage of the upgrade plan of the super charging pile network (Supercharger Network) to provide free Wi-Fi. to the car's rechargeable Tesla owners.

According to media reports, Tesla (Tesla) CEO Erroneous (Eldon Musk) said in a statement recently that Ameslan's electric car could support video playback when it stopped and was connected to the Wi-Fi network. In addition, the feature will take advantage of the super charging pile network (Supercharger Network) upgrade plan to provide free Wi-Fi. for the car's rechargeable Tesla owners.

For Tesla, making the super charging pile network a Wi-Fi hot spot is a strategic move, especially one that allows owners of electric vehicles to enjoy a happier experience when visiting charging stations. Over time, supercharging stations have become more convenient with the addition of Translate and the introduction of the faster-charging third-generation charging pile V3. Now launch the car video playback function, in the super charging pile waiting for the car to charge, owners will enjoy a better time.

All along, due to regulatory reasons, Tesla has banned the vehicle video playback function, in order to prevent distracting the driver's attention. In addition to the ability of some hackers to bypass software restrictions, Tesla car's central screen has not been able to play video. However, recently, Tesla is open to the idea of playing on-board video in a secure environment.

At present, Erroneous has not yet announced the launch date of Ameslan's on-board video playback function, but in August last year, when an owner of Model 3 raised whether the Tesla car could support the video streaming services of Netflix and YouTube in the future, Musk responded positively and said it would appear in "Tesla version 10 Software Update."


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