Volkswagen Group plans to launch shared vehicle Control system

Volkswagen Group said recently that it will launch a vehicle control system in the future, which can be applied to all its brands. The system is somewhat similar to Android, AGL or QNX, which can run on various brands of Volkswagen Group models such as Volkswagen Polo and Audi A8.

The research and development of the new system is based on the current, whether on-board information entertainment system, chassis or power system, its corresponding software configuration is very complex, no software can control different parts of the global control, once the supporting system fails, then the car can not be put forward safely. The new system hopes to be able to extract the function, then place it in the middle software layer, and finally become the control covering the dashboard display screen, on-board information entertainment system, power system and software management, and form a unified control system.

In addition, the function of the on-board software also involves the common intelligent network-linked architecture and the cloud platform, and each brand will continue to develop their own user experience, such as Porsche and Audi with the same Evolve toolbox to create different look-and-feel models.

By 2025, Volkswagen's software company is expected to have 5000-10000 people, according to Christian Sanger, head of digital automotive and services at Volkswagen. The optimized automobile architecture will greatly reduce the existing automobile modules, and most of the functions will be controlled by a small number of mufti-domain controllers in the network state, rather than the ore-network automobile controller LAN bus. This method has been used in Volkswagen ID.3 and other electric models built on MEB platform.


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