Volvo XC40 EV exposed for the first time

Not long ago, Volvo officially announced that its first pure electric car will be officially released on the 16th of this month. As time approached, more and more information about the new car was gradually released. The first thing to be clear is that Volvo has set the XC40 EV to the safest model in Volvo's history, so we may be able to look forward to how the XC40 EV will set a new safety benchmark for electric vehicles.
The latest exposure, the XC40EV entertainment information system. According to the information learned from the official Volvo, the new car uses the same Android Automotive OS entertainment information system developed by Google based onthe bottom layer architecture of Android. 

With this new operating system, users can enjoy the following convenient car experience:
- Music and media can be purchased through the Google Play store;
- The speech control of air conditioning system, multimedia and other functions in the car can be carried out through Google Assistant.
- With the function of car controller, users can control the smart home at home on XC40 EV.
- Google Maps updates the data in real time, which can automatically advise the user on the way charging station and provide alternative routes.
- Volvo On Call function upgrade, can monitor battery status and manage charging level in real time.

It is not difficult to see that the features provided by Android Automotive OS on XC40 EV are not much the same as those disclosed before Polestar 2. It is based on this that we can find that XC40 EV also has the function of central control and virtual instrument interconnection. Even the practical functions of "electricity map" and "power intelligent planning route" provided by Polestar 2 will be implemented on XC40 EV.

In addition, the design of the main interface controlled by XC40 EV is different from that of Polestar 2, which adopts a large button design with functional areas, while XC40 EV is the design shown below from the officially released picture. Of course, although the design is not as ideal as Polestar 2 for the time being, we still have to follow the final design.

It should also be noted that in interior design, XC40 EV has not changed much in terms of overall design style or the position of some traditional parts compared with fuel plate models. It can only be seen from the preview diagram that XC40 EV does not adopt the hoop design with the central console tilting to the driver's side.

Of course, the above conclusion is based on the current official disclosure of the forecast chart. As for the final interior design of XC40 EV, the design of the central control system, but also waiting for the final release of the 16 Th.


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