• CarPlay / Android Auto / Mirroring 3 in 1 USB dongle for aftermarket Android / CarPlay USB adapter (CP-06)

CarPlay / Android Auto / Mirroring 3 in 1 USB dongle for aftermarket Android / CarPlay USB adapter (CP-06)

Model: CP-06
Minimum Order: 50 PCS

This device is designed for aftermarket Android/WinCE head unit. With USB plug & play solution, you can get CarPlay/Android Auto/Screen mirroring functions on connected navigation multimedia system.

Easily switch as you like on CarPlay/Android Auto/Mirroring function

The App runs automatically once the phone connected

Support both left and right-hand drive CarPlay UI

Available to change different car brands logo

One-step online upgrade or simple upgrade via USB port

Support phone charging

USB storage multimedia playback

Activate Siri/Google Assistant with steering wheel button (Need some setting steps on APK)

Log upload function



Integrate microphone (Fits more Android/WinCE car stereo without MIC)


CarPlay usb dongle connection

Input Voltage: DC 4.8-5.2V

Power Output: DC 4.7-5.0V, MAX 0.8A

Standby Current: 0.08A

Max Current: 1A

Working Temperature: -10~65°C

Connector: USB-A 2.0

Weight: 30g

Dimension: 79 * 32 * 13.5mm

Applicability: Android/WinCE
A10 Android-4.1
A20 Android-4.4
A33 Android-6.0
A63 Android-7.1
A64 Android-6.0

3066 Android-4.1
3188 Android-5.1
PX3 Android-6.0
PX5 Android-7.1
ATOM X3-C3230 Android-6.0

AC8217 Android Version all series
AC8227 Android Version all series
AC8317 Android Version all series
AC8327 Android Version all series

Snapdragon-S4 Android-4.0/4.4

I.MX535 Android-4.4
I.MX6 Android-4.2

Mst786 Android-4.1


Mstar:  Mst785 WinCE-6.0

MT3353 WinCE-6.0
MT3360 WinCE-6.0
MT3370 WinCE-6.0

A6 WinCE-6.0
PrimaII WinCE-6.0


1680 WinCE-6.0


*Compatible list is continuously updated. Please contact our sales for the latest news.

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