Digital 2.4GHz WiFi backup camera transmitter for iOS and Android (WCAM-26T)

Model: WCAM-26T
Minimum Order: 50 PCS

Wi-Fi rear view camera transmitter is designed for adding a camera to your car with quick steps, especially there is not a monitor in your car. You can watch the reversing picture conveniently on your mobile phone.

Quickly response, less 0.5s delay for camera input pop up, less than 10s for startup

2 ways to supply power for camera, reversing trigger or manually switch for your choice

Activate Android smartphone automatically after the reverse gear shift

Compatible with “NTSC” and “PAL” system car camera

Integrated power filter offers clean 12V for camera

Input Voltage: 6~18V

Consumption: 2.7W

Current: 190mA (camera on) / 68mA (camera off)

Booting Time: 4 seconds

Video Standard: PAL/NTSC

Transmit Power: 135M:13dB; 54M:13dB ; 11M:17dB

Max Transmission Distance: 35m

Working Temperature: -40 to +85°C

Suitable OS: Android / iOS

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