Mobile phone AI voice assistant group brawl car-borne voice?



In 2011, Cook took the iPhone 4S to the stage of Apple's new product launch, the latest product devoted to Jobs, with no special changes in appearance, but a new feature that boils mobile phone users around the world-the Siri,. An interactive app in the form of a voice assistant appeared on a smartphone for the first time.

In 2019, advances in AI technology brought voice assistants closer to the ideal experience, and we could see intelligent voice assistants even in many new cars on the market.


Contestants: the strongest mobile phone VS civilian Supersprint

On the side of the phone are flagship Android phones: Huawei Mate 20, Samsung Galaxy S10, Xiaomi MIX3,vivo X27, and an out-of-date iPhone 8 Plus, all of which support voice wake-up and multi-tasking commands. Represents the current smartphone voice assistant the first echelon level.

Among them, Apple's Siri, Samsung Bixby is one of the mobile phone voice assistant veteran players, Jovi, Huawei Xiaoyi and Xiao Ai, in the same way in the daily experience, dealing with the daily driving experience, presumably can be easy to handle.

Car camp contestants are speeding up the 4.3-second "civilian superrun", BYD Don DM. As a representative of the next generation of domestic models, the BYD Don DM features a DiLink car system, built in 8-core CPU,3G memory, and 32G flash memory, using Android 7.1.2.

In terms of hardware parameters alone, any phone used for comparison can hang Don DM in terms of performance, but just as the phone can't grow wheels and don DM speedup, we still pull the battlefield back to the experience of the car's voice.


Voice awakening, who is stronger

The sign that the voice assistant becomes mature when the voice wakes up means that the voice assistant's original intention is to make it possible without manual operation. It is also this feature that allows us to operate the phone without having to leave the steering wheel while driving.

First, we conducted wake-up tests in a relatively quiet environment. The phone was flameout and not powered on. The measured results show that the voice assistants of the five phones can respond quickly to voice arousal in the quiet state. In 10 wake-up tests, Huawei Mate 20, Samsung Galaxy S10 and vivo X27 can fully respond. However, there was also an Apple Siri did not respond, Xiao Ai appeared in the middle of a wake-up function failure, unlocked problems still exist, need to restart the phone to restore functions.

As for response speed, vivo X27's Jovi unexpectedly won the top spot and had an on-call experience, followed by Xiao Ai and Huawei Xiaoyi, who had to say that Xiao Ai's experience was very good when he didn't "pretend to sleep" and responded quickly.

Samsung Bixby and Apple Siri response speed juxtaposed, Bixby needs to be optimized because the animation is too simple, the rotation of the Bixby icon gives the feeling that people are still preparing (in fact, listening to instructions), if there are more obvious logo would be better. On the other hand, Siri will have a transient process of "thinking about life" after saying a wake-up word, but it must be quick enough to give orders directly after saying a wake-up word.

The "crazy" contestant's appearance is over, followed by the Bobo BYD Don DM wake-up experience. After getting in the car, we found that Don DM did not support the in-car direct voice wake-up function, instead of a voice button on the left side of the steering wheel, similar to the one we often see on mobile phones. Don DM supports voice key outbound voice control interface.

Although there is no voice wake-up function, but the body's own voice keys are not worse than mobile phone voice wake-up. In fact, the physical voice keys on the steering wheel are more suitable for blind operation while driving. Both hands do not have to leave the steering wheel. The wake-up experience naturally follows the point, but because the performance of the vehicle is relatively normal. So the actual wake-up speed is almost the same as the flagship phone. Benefit from highly integrated excellencePotential, so in the most basic wake-up experience, vehicle voice security and convenience, mobile phone second.

Wake up voice assistants. It's only the first step. What they can do is the key to winning and losing.



Cars and cell phones, who can do more?

Cars, phones, who can do more? This is a very debatable question.

In the day-to-day driving, the two functions most commonly used by the driver are to navigate and play audio, even the most authentic local and old drivers, and also to navigate to plan more time-saving and bypass the congested roads, also need to navigate the function of the electronic dog to provide us with real-time speed-measuring and illegal photo-taking, while safe driving, can also let our purse do not go to the beef jerky, and drive, how much less the music, can relieve the restlessness of the driving, Can add a little fun to our trip.


Set Navigation

In 2019, when you spoke to a car or mobile phone, did you really think about it?

In this navigation session, we first set the wisdom of the future: we set the navigation to drive to the "Changlong Water Joy World," and the official name of the destination is "Changlong Water Park," so careful. Will our only life be able to "survive" this challenge? The result of the game absolutely surprised you!


The first appearance of course is our original car standard equipped with the car machine.

When we skillfully press the exit machine's voice assistant, shout, "Changlong Water Joy World", the result.

And my car machine was thinking about life?

After receiving the voice instruction, the car machine has been thinking for a long time.

After a long millennia of waiting (the actual time-consuming 30s), the engine finally set me a road to "Changlong Water Joy World", although the process is long, at the same time, in the actual driving, the 30s I have already driven one intersection after another. Or maybe I have missed my true love in the 30s.

After 30's thinking, the car machine

As a smart car machine, it has managed to avoid the hole we dug for it, so can the mobile phone get across these same hurdles too?


Xiao Ai: what did you say? It's too windy. I can't hear you.

Xiao Ai, how to say: it continues his habitual overturning tradition.

This time Xiao Ai set up navigation links, staged a real version of the "person and mobile phone always crazy one."

Before we tested, we all thought Xiao Ai could successfully avoid our trap card attack, God knows.

The first time to Xiao Ai: navigation to "Changlong Water Joy World," Xiao Ai did not respond; second repeated instructions, Xiao Ai still did not respond; As a Cantonese Putonghua level 10 player, I will slow down the instructions, the words speak out, Xiao Ai still did not respond! And then quit!

The same voice command operation, we repeated Xiao Ai three groups, the results show: for these voice navigation instructions, Xiao Ai is comparable to the level of intellectual disability, none of them. In the real driving process, for some not very good temper users, it is estimated that the phone directly fell in the heart.


Hey,Bixby, can you?

Samsung Galaxy S 10, Samsung's latest Galactic warship new aircraft, the latest Bixby has been further armed.

We dug a trap, and finally the contestants jumped in. For the "Changlong Aquatic Happy World" directive, Bixby pseudo-recognition as "Changlong Water changed the World" and "Changlong Water changed time", in the voice conversion rate, Bixby still has room for improvement.

Then we use this instruction to give the Bixby several times, if we can successfully identify the location information, it is only the "Changlong Joy World", the trap Bixby jumped over and over again. When we gave the command of Changlong Water Park, Bixby was able to identify it accurately.

Bixby, still needs to be tuned, especially for localization recognition.


Hi,jovi, navigate.

Starting with Jovi, a magic card has been launched-the trap is invalid.

Jovi's voice assistant successfully cracked the trap of "Changlong Aquatic Joy World," reading our intentions and successfully navigating us to the Changlong Aquatic World.

At the same time, the speech logic of Jovi is more inclined to ask and answer, in the process of speech recognition, we will give a number of candidate schemes for us to choose, just need to call out a few of them, that is, we can choose the corresponding destination. In speech interaction and speech recognition rate, vivo has made a lot of efforts.


Easy to use, easy to use.

Like Jovi, Xiaoyi successfully cracked the trap we dug.

In terms of speech commands, the recognition speed and recognition rate of Xiaoyi are both excellent. The steps of speech instructions are the same as those of receiving instructions, identifying instructions, selecting instructions and executing instructions, and the four-step execution process is indispensable.


Siri, your master or your master?

Siri, pioneered the era of voice assistant, and even today, Siri is still your master.

In the screen-out state to call voice Andra's voice assistant, without exception, there will be a situation: when only need to do voice command conversion, all need to unlock the phone, for some phones with screen fingerprints is good. If the user uses the post-physical fingerprint identification, it also has to enter the lock screen password. This operation also further ensures the data security of the user.

Siri automatically matches the closest result and then broadcasts it automatically. The accuracy of speech recognition is good, and the user basically needs to shout "OK".

At the same time, the navigation called by the Siri is Apple Maps, not Baidu / Amap, which is used by Android phones.



In navigation, Siri, as a master, still has a huge advantage, and should be followed by Huawei and vivo.Bixby voice assistants still have room to improve, Samsung still needs refueling.


If you play music, will you continue the game of navigation?

In the navigation link, some contestants time and time again jump into the trap that we create, even drive the user completely crazy, then come to the stage of playing music, will the result be the same?

Because the music library is different, and the copyright is not the same, so we used the very classic songs "often go home to see."


The car machine, finally took out its 4.9S broken 100 dignity

In the navigation competition, it took a century for the machine to open the map and navigate. And to the music broadcast link, the machine finally took out its 4.9S broke a hundred dignity.

After the voice command was given, the car machine quickly completed the song search, play, the whole process, without procrastination.


Xiao Ai, you're really driving me crazy.

Xiao Ai, I thought you navigation infinite cycle forget, in playing music, I did not think, you are still such Xiao Ai.

When issued a voice command: play "often go home to see", Xiao Ai's brain is a little big, for me to find out the TV series "often go home to have a look".

In order to eliminate the chance of the test results, we repeated this voice command many times, and found that Xiao Ai could not successfully trigger the play of the song "often go home to see" this operation.

Xiao Ai, what are you doing?


Easy, Jovi,Bixby,Siri.

With the exception of Xiao Ai, the rest of the contestants passed the challenge of playing music easily.

For these classic repertoire, these four contestants did not appear the original Xiao Ai call-up TV play option, but easy to play music according to consumer intent.

Finally, it should be mentioned that vivo X27's Jovi, preferred native I music when playing online, and the whole voice ecology is well built.



After two very routine driving operations, call navigation and playing music, we can really feel the convenience that advances in technology have brought to drivers, especially Siri, the old man. There are also highly accomplished voice assistants, such as Xiaoyi and Jovi, and there is still room for progress, Bixby, which may be the future.


Does the voice assistant really don't have a sense of presence?

Under the same operating conditions, is there really no future for the voice assistant of the car machine?

I think the answer is no. It is true that, on the navigation most closely related to driving, the machine has been hanged by a mobile phone for more than a street, but the machine's voice assistant is absolutely perfect for improving the safety of driving, and there are many functions that can not be achieved by the linkage between the car and the mobile phone.

Physical buttons still cannot be replaced

Now the car is also being driven by Tesla, gradually to the direction of large screen, big central control development, ultra-concise, super-fusion, will function more through the touch screen control, this is indeed the future. But too much reliance on touch can also lead to problems: consumers are absolutely required to move away from the steering wheel and turn their eyes to the screen when they do specific operations, and traditional physical buttons give rise to the advantage.

When the vehicle voice assistant appears, the electronic degree of the car can achieve voice operation. For example, some common functions, such as opening and closing skylights, adjusting air conditioning temperature and so on, can be realized by voice command while driving, thus avoiding some safety problems.



Five mobile phones "brawl" a "smart" car, what is the result? I think after reading the comparison, we already have the answer in our hearts.

Voice operation greatly improves driving safety.

For the smartphone side, robust performance, rich scalability and complex command support are sufficient to "squash" vehicle voice in terms of functionality. And although there are many problems in vehicle voice, such as unable to wake up voice, slow loading map and not rich in resources, but its highly integrated vehicle control enables users to really focus on driving in some scenes. Also can be regarded as the vehicle voice to the flagship aircraft a strong "hit back".

The combination of voice operation and driving is undoubtedly a trend of driving in the future. The 5G era is coming. What new changes will appear in the future mobile phone intelligent assistant and on-board voice, we are looking forward to very much.




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