Car, audio, video, multimedia, lost?

The traditional enterprises in the post-automobile market are selling cabbage-like machines in the heart of selling white powder, while the innovative enterprises are facing more capital pressure and the market break through the gloom of the night before, between life and death.

The automotive audio-visual multimedia industry has begun to show a reversal of competition: the whole industry is entering the key node of transformation and product upgrade-the vehicle-borne multimedia mobile Internet operating system platform ("the era of vehicle networking"). The traditional industry has evolved from cassette players, CD players, VCD players, DVD players to DVD navigation all-in-one machines, almost more than 20 years, and into the era of car networking, less than four years.

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What is the fastest artifact of transforming the industry-the answer must be the Internet, and the Inter net's children's mobile Internet. The Internet is transforming the ecosystem of all industries, including creativity, R & D, production, marketing and services, by infinitely extending the coding and antennae of these ecosystems, of course, More importantly, changes in consumer habits and heavy metal-like implementation of the consumer experience.

When it comes to the Internet, I only want to express: the auto, audio, video and multimedia industry is already on a watershed, on the other hand is the production, marketing or service companies (companies) of traditional automobile, audio and video multimedia. On the other hand, R & D and marketing companies with Internet wings (including research and development, production, sales and services of Internet-based multimedia terminals) are on the other side. On the side of emerging industries, an enterprise ecology has evolved towards the mobile internet, while one company has shifted to the internet or mobile internet in terms of marketing.

For Chinese auto market enterprises, the pain of transformation is skin-cutting. Traditional enterprises are selling cabbage-like machines, while innovative companies face more capital pressures and market breakthroughs from the gloom of the night before. Life and death, like the sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of all manufacturers, fell at any moment.

It can be foreseen that the Internet has built a barrier for the automotive audio-visual multimedia industry. When Ford, Toyota, KIA and other sales factories, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, and even consumer electronics giants like Apple, are scrambling to get into mobile Internet terminals, we can imagine, How many opportunities are there for companies in China's home-grown car and audio-visual media industry? How long will it take us? How much money do we have to compete?

“Automotive Multimedia”的图片搜索结果

Wing truck network, car friend interconnection, intelligent driver cloud, SV-Link, intelligent words star and so on just started not even has the true meaning of the car networking terminal product form of products, its profit point of value, profit model is still uncertain up to now. In fact, do we really understand the question of what the future automotive multimedia industry and products are going to be, what their ecosystems are, and do we understand the needs of consumers-car owners? Are we creating new demands, or are we catering to the needs of car owners? Before we figure out these problems, we have seen that in the southern and northern regions of China, Enterprises in a number of industries, as well as a large number of small and medium-sized production and sales companies, and even a large number of copycat factories, constantly moving between traditional products and car networking categories, looking for space and opportunities.

At present and for a long time in the future, we may be faced with both growth in car production and sales, as well as the steady decline or stability of vehicle multimedia production and sales. But one thing we can dig is that at least there is a huge astronomical amount of Chinese car ownership, which is undoubtedly a treasure worth digging. In the face of this seemingly attractive treasure, we love and hate vehicle multimedia, who, whose brands and products will be the next three or five years in the hearts of car owners?


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